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CAPA students are Leopards too

Editorial cartoon by Jason D. Cox

Editorial cartoon by Jason D. Cox

Nearly 40 years ago, the University of La Verne recognized that colleges and universities were ignoring the educational needs of adults. So the Campus Accelerated Program for Adults was created to address the specific needs of students over the age of 25.

The University has done a great job of educating CAPA students, giving them the opportunity to take weekend classes, including ones on Sunday, and also providing them the chance to take daytime classes with traditional undergraduate students.

The CAPA program is a great opportunity for older adults to come back to school and get their degree.

If they are coming back to attend college, why are they not allowed to participate in all of the college campus activities, that traditional undergraduates can?

If a CAPA student wants to go to LaVernapalooza, next week’s concert, they need to pay the full ticket price of $40 to go see J. Cole, a ridiculous amount of money for a talentless musician.

The CAPA students do not even receive a discount price from the ticket, even though they are students of the University of La Verne and take undergraduate courses, just like the rest of us.

They are also not allowed to join any fraternities or sororities, if they chose to do so. Granted, the CAPA students do not pay the typical student activities fee, but for those that want to participate, they should have the option to pay.

Although the CAPA students are typically older, and could possibly have families and would not have time for Greek life, they should still have the option to join one of these Greek affiliated clubs.

They are allowed to join other clubs on campus, but why not the Greek affiliated ones?

To qualify to become a CAPA student, one has to be 25 years of age or older.

Being 25 years old is still young enough to enjoy a J. Cole concert or to have the desire to join a Greek affiliated club.

They also have to deal with the confusion of having two academic counselors; one within their degree department and one CAPA counselor. The CAPA counselor cross-references everything that the counselor within the department says. This could be very confusing and inconvenient for many CAPA students with busy schedules.

These students’ Dean’s List is also a completely different list than the rest of campus, as if their achievements are different. The CAPA students take the same classes as traditional undergraduate students, but they are subjected to be on a different Dean’s List as if they are lepers.

CAPA is a great program that the University of La Verne has started and these students do have many privileges that many traditional undergraduate students do not, but there should be no reason why they are excluded from campus events and Greek life.

They are Leopards just like the rest of us.

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