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Theater Review: ‘School House’ is a rockin’ good time

Annunciata Williams
Staff Writer

The Theater Experience of Southern California brought back childhood memories of “School House Rock” during the hit performance at Bridges Auditorium in Claremont on Saturday.

Close to a hundred kids performed the Saturday morning musical with exceptional actors and energetic youngsters.

“It was charming,” Leatrice Latts, a grandmother of one of the actors, said.

The show covered popular renditions of songs like “Three is the Magic Number” and “Conjunction Junction.”

The story followed a new teacher who is nervous about his first day of class. When he turns on the television, the School House Rock kids come to help him regain his confidence and enthusiasm.

Although most of the actors were too young to remember School House Rock, their parents certainly did and were able to recall some of their favorite songs.

Two middle school children stole the hearts of audience members in their duet “My Hero, Zero.”

In the song “Figure Eight,” the actor who soloed came out on roller skates and rolled around the stage.

There were 11 main actors who ranged in age and were accompanied by a chorus who sang along with almost every song.

“It was fun,” 8-year-old chorus member Ryan Roberts said.

In the song “Ready or not, Here I Come,” actors dashed out into the audience to hide among the rows of seats. Adults enthusiastically sang to the songs they memorized as children.

“I like musicals so I liked the musical aspect of it,” Latts said.

The actors who sang solos were exceptionally talented, even when the microphones failed in the middle of a song.

For the last song, a new rap rendition of the song “Mr. Morton” was performed.

“It’s awesome,” six-year-old chorus member Delaney Roberts said. “Do you want my autograph or something?”

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