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Amnesty International club launched at ULV

Danielle Hunt
Staff Writer

Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 3 million people who advocate ending the abuse and unfair human rights that occur around the world.

The University of La Verne’s new Amnesty club hopes to spread its knowledge across the ULV campus.

The Amnesty club has already set up several events to get the word out, said the club founder Kaveh Farzad.

“I wanted to bring this club to the ULV campus because I think we have a great number of conscientious students that would benefit from the work that Amnesty International does,” Farzad said.

Amnesty International started in 1961 and works around the world to stop the abuse that continues to occur throughout the world.

“It is very important that we get students in our generation involved and aware because we tend to live in our own world and thus change in our generation is limited,” junior pollical science major Michael Miller said.

“We are trying to change that and have a effect on the world in a positive manner,” Miller said.

They have offices in more than 80 countries whose priority is to spread the word to friends and family about how they can make a change in the world.

“I like that on the ULV campus we are very avid about the civic rights and especially for women and children,” Jessica Gerard senior political science major said.

Amnesty International has many action plans for the various groups to try and implement and spread word to their communities and the ULV campus is taking notice of them.

“We really want to have fun events such as concerts featuring different ethnic bands who can tell their side of the story and what they have been involved in,” Miller said.

Amnesty International also focuses on, not only informing people about the issues being faced, but also ways that they can make a difference in their immediate community.

These simple acts can have a global impact as well.

The La Verne chapter plans to host a variety of events that can reach out and appeal to the wide array of students that attend ULV.

“This allows people to be aware of the issues that we are facing but also be in a fun environment where they can enjoy themselves,” Miller said.

“We are planning to host speakers, develop charity events to raise money for the organization, and we hope to host a couple debates regarding prominent social issues this semester,” Gerard said.

The Amnesty Club is still a growing club on campus but the members are loving the outpour of interest that they have been receiving.

“The response has been fantastic,” Farzad said.

“I think we filled up five or six forms with students wanting more information.”

“I hope that once we begin hosting events on campus that more students will want to get involved because it is for such a great cause.”

The Amnesty Club meets from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. every other Wednesday in the President’s Dining Room. Everyone is welcome.

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