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ASULV not providing leadership

Editorial cartoon by Brian Velez

Editorial cartoon by Brian Velez

The University of La Verne currently has more than 2,500 main campus traditional undergraduate students.

Seventeen of those undergraduate students have taken it upon themselves to represent the other 2,500 and also choose to thrust themselves into a leadership position at ULV.

These students deserve respect for the courage involved in taking on this role. They have put a whole University on their backs and tried not only to lead La Verne, but also make the serious topics interesting.

These selected few form the student government organization on campus called the Associated Students of University La Verne.

However, lately ASULV has been doing a lot more entertaining and a lot less leading.

At first glance, ASULV and the Campus Activities Board could be mistaken for the same thing, but that is not how it is supposed to be.

CAB does exactly what its name leads you to believe, it hosts entertaining events for students to come out and interact with each other.

If the members from ASULV want to hang out with the members of CAB, that is fine, but they need to do it on their own time and create separate identities from one another.

Whether it is in Sneaky Park for an event or in the Campus Center during their non-existent office hours, ASULV continues to be oblivious to the fact that there are real issues on this campus. They need to step up and take a real leadership position at La Verne and represent the students as a whole.

ULV students need a resource where they can get information about what is going on at their school.

While it is great that ASULV hosts their student forums to learn of student concerns, you won’t get many complaints from the uninformed.

From political issues within the campus itself, or the politics of the United States, a student government resource should be encouraging the student body to educate themselves on issues that will affect them in the future.

While we understand that La Verne is its own entitity and the students here are unique, the protection of the campus only lasts about four years before they face the real world outside.

With all of the informational emails that ASULV sends out reminding clubs about their paperwork responsibilities, they should be able to relay important messages to the students such as the law school issues and how the main campus is being affected.

ASULV needs to inform students if another tuition spike is being whispered about or if upperclassmen are going to continue having their financial aid “reorganized.”

Rumors spreading that the new track is still not safe for our teams to run on is also a concern.

These are projects that students’ tuition money have gone into, and they are expensive projects.

These 17 students of ASULV were elected to run a student body government and be the voice of the students, especially when they need leadership more than ever right now.

Students do not need a free meal and a free t-shirt every time they go to an ASULV or CAB event on campus. This is not a homeless shelter; it is the University of La Verne.

What the student body needs is information.

At the next event, ASULV needs to turn off the music and tell the students what they need to hear rather than make everything out to be fine.

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