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Commentary: Debate proves to be a school yard brawl

Alex Forbess, Editorial Director

Alex Forbess, Editorial Director

So here is the storyline of the presidential debates the United States have seen so far. First, it was anarchy with Republican nominee Mitt Romney throwing more misinterpreted facts, yet President Barack Obama was too zoned out to counter-attack, which led some political junkies to his work.

Then there was the Vice-Presidential Debate on Oct. 11, where it was a “release the hounds” moment for both campaigns, particularly for Vice President Joe Biden to go after Paul Ryan, Romney’s Mini-Me. In short, the summary of that night was simple: Biden laughed like a drunk; Ryan diverted from questions.

Now, it was round two for Obama to show undecided voters that he could still be the aggressive, brave soul they believed in four years ago. After moderator Candy Crowley from CNN introduced the candidates, this town-hall meeting turned into a schoolyard brawl, except everyone was resisting to shout, “Fight, fight, fight!”

If this debate lasted longer, I would not have been surprised if the two were to be in an actual fight. Overall, from the body language to the heated exchanges, it hit me: this will not change; this will never change.

Whether it was either of them giving each other the death stare or circling their opponent as if they were an injured gazelle, political debates now are publicized as entertainment spectacles – dance puppets, dance.

Watching these two individuals made me wonder how long they both can hold those staged smiles they expressed.

Besides both candidates going over the time limits – honestly, why bother to have them follow that rule? – I came to the conclusion that both individuals cannot talk for 90 minutes without misinterpreting the facts.

Obama mentioned we should take the money being used on war and use it to rebuild America, schools and all that garbage. Let me rephrase: it is a great idea but Obama did not mention the money used to fund this is borrowed.

According to the Associated Press, the government borrows 40 cents for every dollar it spends so if we were to use this money for this plan, the U.S. will have to borrow more, which leads to more debt—China is already demanding the IOUs, enough.

Romney once again has me convinced that he is still a constant flip-flopper that most Republicans had a problem with at first. He was against contraception; now he supports it.

He supports only coal, nuclear and other primitive energy sources; now he loves to bring wind energy in the market – what side is he you on?

With the heated exchanges thrown into the arena, one candidate felt the urge to take half of their debate time to say what they just said is not true. When the explanation was resolved, there was barely any time for both candidates to say what their precise plans are for the next four years.

Obama, while I admire that you were able to show worried democrats you are a fighter, thank you for showing me that you can be another Romney: intelligent man that throws hissy fists. This is Déjà vu from the first debate.

Along with the awkward tip-toing around the town hall and giving a metaphorical pat on the head to undecided voters that asked questions, both candidates provided a vague, mysterious agenda for the next four years. What is worse, Obama presented a partial plan but it is the same plan that he expressed while in office.

He has achieved some things but reminds us that times have been tough and he is sorry for not been able to keep some of his promises to improve America: education, immigration, social security.

Now it is the time for me to express my opinion about the President.

Obama, you promised, you did not deliver and this makes me regret being a registered Democrat.

I do believe government should play a role in assisting the U.S. but you and other Democrats – even I am this close calling them Socialists – want government to be the sole provider of necessities where in reality, that cannot be done.

Obama had a Democratic rule within the first two years and he still could not get his agenda passed. Main excuse: times are tough.

I have articles to write; I am taking various side jobs to pay for college while searching a guaranteed job after graduation and I still manage to help pay for dinner. My motive is people rely me and not make petty excuses – times are tough; come on.

I am not a Romney supporter; I am just tired of this roundabout ferris wheel we all have go through just because politicians cannot get their act together.

Romney dodged to answer how he will provide equal pay towards men and women by telling a great story of how he received “binders full of women” to fill in for a cabinet position—we can do better than this puppet.

Enough. Obama change your act, tell us what you will do these next four years or my vote will go to the Libertarian candidate out of shame and disappointment.

Alex Forbess, a senior journalism major, is editorial director for the Campus Times. He can be reached by email at

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