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Festival bucks mainstream

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Christian Orozco
Sports Editor

If you took a drive down Union Pacific in East Los Angeles Saturday you might have heard the ruckus that was coming out of an ominous warehouse. That ruckus was F*** That Fest

The weird and the creepy came out to support the underground music scene of garage rock, surf, blues, psychedelic, folk and punk.

“For five bucks and this many bands I had to come out,” Ontario resident Anthony Rodriguez said.

F*** That Fest is an insurgent response to the increasing commercialization of local and remote music festivals.

What was once about creating a cultural ephemeral experience has become just another way to leech off talented musicians and their appreciators, according to their Facebook page.

F*** That Fest had 21 bands perform on three stages. The entrance fee was $5 and the event was open to all ages.

Django’s Tiger was the first band to take the Eclectic Roots stage.

Along with their psychedelic sound, Django’s Tiger brought a stoner’s wet dream to the stage, topless dancing women covered in paint.

But even trippy boobs could not take away from Django’s Tiger’s mediocrity.

“I couldn’t hear the singer and a lot of the guitar riffs were the same,” Rodriguez said. “I liked the bass though.”

Immediately following Django’s Tiger the audience turned around to enjoy the sounds of Douglas and the Furs on the Choc Ivana stage.

“I like how we didn’t have to wait for bands to set up,” Cal State Fullerton film major Diego Medrano said.

“That’s what I hate about shows, how long the bands take to set up, here there’s no wait.”

As The Furs’ drummer/singer Jonathan Shively wailed on his drums and belted out his bluesy voice, bassist Jared Henderson laid down the rhythm, which left plenty of room for Douglas McCurdy to shred on his guitar.

“They were definitely the best band of the night,” Walnut resident Alexis Arenas said.

Douglas and the Furs also presented something that none of the other bands had, clear vocals.

After Douglas and the Furs, San Diego’s JOY took the Eclectic Roots stage. During JOY’s set the power went out three times which sent a lot of people to the Love Stain stage where Crazy Joe Davola was ready to take the floor.

“It sucks that the power went out on JOY, I was digging it, it sounded pretty groovy,” East LA resident Jarred Mendiveles said.

Dressed in all black, Crazy Joe Davola provoked the first mosh-pit of the night.

As fans of the band moshed aimlessly, the band played their instruments the same way the fans danced.

“I really didn’t know what was going on,” Rodriguez said. “There was moshing and confetti everywhere.”

As people settled down, Bobby Nobbit took the stage with their self-proclaimed drunk rock sound.

“Girls seemed to like them a lot,” Rodriguez said. “They were all dancing during their set.”

Bands like Death Lens, Blac Jesus and the Experimentalists, Death Hymn Number 9 and the Pool Honeys also took the stage.

The culmination of all the bands and fans at F*** That Fest gave hope to local underground music and hipster teens everywhere that there will always be a show for them to attend and play.

The questionable 21-year-olds that were drinking and the aroma of skunk smelled smoke showed how many f***s that F*** That Fest actually gave.

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