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Fliers contradict University values

When walking through the University of La Verne students can find dozens of fliers and posters displayed everywhere, publicizing events both on and off campus.

There are 15 bulletin boards spread out across campus plus 27 bulletin boards throughout the residence halls on which both the Office of Student Housing and Residential Education and the Office of Student Life approve these fliers for display.

The fliers publicize anything, from a rodeo to a club’s upcoming event or even a few “roommate wanted” signs.

Some of these fliers also advertise off-campus parties hosted by various organizations in venues where alcohol is served. It’s not necessarily advertized in the flier, but it is understood.

The University prides itself on being a dry campus. There is a double standard if it allows the publicizing of an event held elsewhere with the same problem it is trying to keep off the campus.

An example of this would be posters for the annual parties hosted such as the Toga Party and White Party that were advertised all over campus, including the residence halls.

“If an organization hosts an event such as a party in a venue away from the school, it is up to that third-party venue whether it will sell alcohol to those that are of age,” William Krickl, Office of Student Life assistant, and junior psychology major, said.

Both of the most recent parties that were advertised stated that the funds were going toward the organization or a philanthropy.

“There has to be an organization’s name on the flier, without that they would not be able to be posted,” Krickl who is also president of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, said.

“If students come back intoxicated and in any way make a scene or disturb the community, they will be held accountable,” Lauren Medina, assistant housing coordinator and senior health sciences major, said.

In hopes of filtering some of the information put on the fliers, both the housing office and the OSL enforce the posting regulations and policies.

“We don’t do any background checks on the event,” Medina said. “As long as the fliers don’t violate any of our policies and are approved by the OSL, then they can be posted.”

The posting policies for both the OSL and housing vary slightly, but they do share a common goal: upholding and continuing La Verne’s clean and dry campus image.

Both the SHARE and OSL posting policies state that no obscene material can be present in the flier, but only SHARE’s policy specificly addresses the mention of alcohol.

Although some fliers floating around campus do publicize the sale and distribution of alcohol, they are unauthorized and removed when found.

“Any unauthorized fliers posted or found along the hallways in the dorms are removed and thrown away,” Medina said.

This policy is dodged by making and distributing smaller fliers, passing them out in Davenport Dining Hall, leaving them on tables, along the stairway, sliding them under dorm room doors and even along the floor.

Despite this loophole, the University is starting to crackdown on organizations that are taking advantage, even if it is in a slow pace.

“We try and throw away any fliers that aren’t stamped,” Mary Whitten, bookkeeper for Bon Appetit said. “Usually when our cashiers go to wipe down the table they throw any unapproved fliers away.”

The OSL has to find a balance between keeping the University in a positive light and supporting clubs and organizations’ events on and off campus, even when those events feature alcohol.

These loopholes create even bigger headaches and problems not only for the OSL but also La Verne’s mission of providing safe events for students on and off campus.

To keep the dry campus image for the University, it is going to take more than just a policy regulating posting. The organizations that are “illegally” posting or leaving their fliers all over campus as if they were disposable cups need more attention instead of just being thrown away every time they are a nuisance.

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