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Free parking: Come and get it, ULV

Editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff

Editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff

Every day parking lots are filled to capacity at the University of La Verne. Students complain and park in neighborhoods wherever they can squeeze in without a city of La Verne parking permit.

With so many new students at La Verne, parking is hell.

Students pay $95 for a parking permit for the whole year but there is never any parking.

ULV has given students an option of using a shuttle to get to school but students and employees are not taking advantage of this marvelous, free option of transportation.

The shuttle will take you from the corner of Arrow Highway and A Street to the University of La Verne campus, only three blocks away.

Students and faculty do not even need a parking pass to park in the parking lot for the shuttle.

The shuttle drivers are friendly and there is also a security guard that watches the premises of the parking lot for the safety of students and faculty, and also their vehicles — the same services they provide at any other parking lot.

The University of La Verne has sent out numerous emails and have advertised the shuttle a lot in the past, yet students and faculty are not taking advantage of this.

The shuttle comes around every five to eight minutes, a better alternative than driving around 20 minutes looking for parking.

Students and faculty spend their mornings and afternoons driving around looking for parking and end up being late for their classes. Using the shuttle could eliminate this problem.

Students and faculty have also resorted to parking in time limit spaces, like the three-hour parking.

With the school being strict this year on parking, many of those people who are parking in the time limit spots are getting tickets because of stricter enforcement – five minutes past the limit, guaranteed ticket.

Tickets are an even bigger problem than finding parking but the rules are simple: no parking pass, get a ticket. Park at the parking lot the shuttle uses, no ticket.

Students and faculty that do use the shuttle find themselves riding on the shuttle alone, treated as if they are a prestigious individual. So much luxury offered, yet no one is taking advantage of it.

For a regular person it would be common sense to use this shuttle, rather than having to show up to class 30 minutes early just to find parking. In reality, students who are able to find parking within 30 minutes are considered the lucky ones whereas some students search for parking for an hour at minimum.

The University of La Verne is offering students a free and easy way of transportation to school, and yet the shuttle parking lot is consistently less than half full. The question still remains a mystery: Why aren’t students and staff using it?

Students complained. The University listened, yet in reality the problem is not the University when it comes to parking anymore. The real problem is the weird stubbornness of many students and employees who make it a do-or-die mission to find parking at the “real” parking lots, refusing to use this service.

Let us hope that the University of La Verne keeps this wonderful idea of a shuttle, no matter how few people use it.

Refusing to use the parking shuttle is like refusing to accept an old dictionary. Sure, the parking shuttle may not be as attractive as the clean, paved parking lots but it still gets the job done.

So if you’re pulling your hair out over parking, just remember that there is an empty parking lot down the street with someone who will drive you to campus in far less time than you would spend circling the neighborhood locking for an empty parking space.

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