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Sigma Kappa teaches ULV to RESPECT each other

Monique Millan
Staff Writer

Sigma Kappa’s RESPECT Movement Rock Painting took place on Sept. 24 from 11 a.m. to noon, as a stand against hazing in fraternities and sororities.

Hazing takes the form of humiliation, embarrassments, and often much worse, bringing discomfort to a person during the pledging process.

This is the second year the sorority has held the painting event as a time to better themselves by building self-esteem, eliminating bullying and hazing, and understanding the consequences of risky behavior.

The RESPECT Movement was established in 2005 as a movement throughout Sigma Kappa to celebrate the benefits of sorority membership.

The event planners were Vice President of communication for Sigma Kappa, Andrea Naccache and Katherine Hall.

In a poll taken by Alfred University, 36 percent of students said that they would not report hazing to anyone because  there is no one to tell, and 27 percent think adults will not handle it appropriately.

“RESPECT is a way to remind ourselves to honor one another and the promise we made to Sigma Kappa on the day we were initiated,” said Naccache. “RESPECT provides a variety of workshops, activities, and resources to be used year round. By participating in RESPECT, members of Sigma Kappa are made aware of the factors that come together to create an atmosphere conducive to hazing.”

During the event the Rock outside of Founders Hall gets painted and members of Greek organizations on campus place their hand prints on the rock as a vow against hazing.

“Anti hazing movement is a really great opportunity to openly talk about hazing and take a stand against it,” said Sigma Kappa member Michelle Scribner. “Hazing is still practiced on many college campuses and can be both very harmful and dangerous to the individuals who are being hazed. By openly taking a stance we are able to share with others the importance of respecting new members when they come into an organization.”

Hazing still occurs on many campuses and reports of abuse have brought light to this issue. La Verne is a university that is home to four sororities and two fraternities that all practice safe pledging.

“Being in such a central location on campus allowed us to really get the word out,” said Hall. “ I think teaching people about the issues, as well as having take an active part and stand against hazing as a statement. It was so great to see people from different Greek Orgs, Clubs on campus, faculty, and members of the athletic community come together for the cause and all support us in our event.”

The week-long event brings a lot of pride and unity among members of the Greek life on campus. This not only sets a great example with so much bullying that has been publicized all over college campuses. It is also an introduction to other that may want to join an organization on campus.

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