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Students plan for traditional Halloween fun

Ingrid Rodriguez
Staff Writer

With Halloween just around the corner, University of La Verne students are not discouraged by their age and have shared their plans and costume ideas for this holiday.

Many college students go out to costume parties on Halloween but others still hold on to their childhood tradition of going door to door asking for candy.

“The whole point of Halloween is to go trick-or-treating,” Adrienne Cruz, sophomore accounting major, said. “I want candy, I have a sweet tooth.”

Cruz said she will dress up as Mother Nature and will make the costume on her own.

She wants to sew flowers onto a crop top and make a green glittery tutu and a headpiece that matches.

“(I am) basically going to wear a tank top, a giant tutu, a sash that says ‘Ms. Honey Boo Boo,’ a crown and ridiculous hair and makeup,” Jessica Gerard, senior social science major, said.

Brian Vargas, sophomore criminology major, said he wants a simple costume and will wear a mask with a straw hat and a plaid button-up shirt.

“Like a scarecrow type of mask,” Vargas said.

There are also some students at La Verne who want to dress up with a group or a partner.

“I plan on being kind of like a vampire,” Stephanie Miranda, junior accounting major, said.

Miranda said she usually dresses up as the costume that her niece wants to dress up as.

They plan on dressing in all black, painting their faces and wearing fangs.

“We’re looking for a pumpkin costume online,” Daniela Tirado, freshman computer science major, said.

“I think it might be round,” Fabiola De Santiago, freshman computer science major, said. “We’re not going to fit in doors.”

“We should dress up as our future careers that we would like to become,” Roxanne Garcia, sophomore criminology major, said.

She said she is going to dress up as a police officer.

This holiday gives people the opportunity to be someone they are not, in this case, some students are going to dress up as a fictional character.

“(I am) thinking either Aladdin or Jafar,” Justin Sloan, freshman movement and sports science major, said.

Sloan said his girlfriend is going to dress up as Jasmine.

Adam Alvarez, senior psychology and photography major, said he was going to the Phi Delta Theta annual Halloween party on Thursday as Timmy Turner from “The Fairly Odd Parents.”

“I have two other friends who want to dress up as Cosmo and Wanda,” Alvarez, who is also a business management minor, said.

Alvarez said it is a pretty basic costume because it is only a pink hat, pink shirt and pants.

“I am going to be Hugh Hefner and my girlfriend is going to be a playboy bunny,” John Leggett Jr., senior movement and sports science major, said.

Leggett said he was trying to save money by only dressing in a robe and still have fun while dressing up with his girlfriend.

Many students will still dress up this Wednesday for Halloween whether it be for a costume party, handing out candy, or going with the more traditional form of Halloween, which is trick-or-treating.

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