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Commentary: Real change starts with cooperation

Alex Forbess, Editorial Director

Alex Forbess, Editorial Director

The horror: It has been three days since Barack Obama won the election and people are suffering from this event. Houses set on fire, possessions being taken by an authoritative government, to name a few of the many immoral acts that have occurred just before Obama addressed the nation stating how honored he is to hold his position for four more years.

Romney and his supporters were right: This Democratic puppet has mislead this nation with his sweet talk of hope and moving forward. His plan all along was to destroy this country.

Alright, is everyone done being paranoid? As everyone can see, or I at least hope so, is that nothing chaotic has occurred. Everything remains the same, from the arts and communications building still standing to Barb’s Place still serving food to students.

Now that the majority has decided that Obama can keep his job, who won 303 electoral votes and won 50 percent of the popular vote, may I just say a simple request to the right: stop whining and get back to work.

You lost; get over it. Now is the time to cooperate with this president, whether or not you may disagree with him. Despite some people having a skeptic view of Capitol Hill will function, with Republicans still controlling the House and the Democrats controlling the Senate, I have slim belief that Republicans can stop being the “party of No.”

This is not only because they have to, but also that some true Republicans – House Speaker John Boehner, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, even Arizona Sen. John McCain – know that the GOP is screwed.

Even McCain begged Missouri Rep. Todd Akin not to run in the Senate race after showing his absurd opinion about “legitimate rape.”

While the GOP hopefully fixes their party from the inside, they have to understand that with Obama still in office, it is not the end of the world. When the results were posted, everyone at Romney headquarters stood silent, motionless as if their lives had been taken away.

Obama has already been here four years. No one’s lives were taken from those fun years so I am confident that everyone will manage to live through the “chaos.”

Just stop and be cooperative with your boss. You may say things like “Well, I did not vote for him” or “Just because he has a higher position does not mean I should show him respect.” My answer: yes and YES.

Right now it does not matter if you voted for him. He is staying; he is the man you will have to cooperate in order to improve this country.

In regards to respect, being the president of the United States, no matter what party this person is affiliated with, does demand some respect from citizens, let alone representatives and senators.

When it comes to armed forces, they do not see a Republican or Democrat but a commander in chief. Politics aside, they will follow his plans and their general’s, regardless of any disagreements they have.

They are willing to fight and defend for their leader so forgive me if begging you crybabies to work with Obama sounds a little selfish.

I am not asking much; I am simply asking what some people are thinking. Even though I am not proud of the job Obama has done but taking into account the mess he inherited, which is still relevant, from 2008, he has done great in regards to not having the United States crumble to ruins.

So with three days passed, let us take a moment to show our support for this re-elected. Instead of saying, “no, no, NO,” let us show our cooperation by asking this question: how may we be of help, President Barack Obama?

Alex Forbess, a senior journalism major, is editorial director for the Campus Times. He can be reached by email at

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