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Let’s keep race out of election politics

Editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff

Editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff

Former governor of New Hampshire and top Romney surrogate John Sununu paid a visit to CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight” last week. During the interview with Morgan, Sununu suggested that former secretary of state Colin Powell is supporting President Barack Obama because they are of the same race.

Looking at the two candidates in the 2012 election, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, some people would argue that Obama is going to win the African-American vote; however, hearing this accusation from an intellectual individual, let alone a politician, is disrespectful.

As Sununu stated Powell and Obama are of the same race, and Powell is proud that someone of his race is in the presidential office.

But the question Morgan asked was why does he think Powell is supporting Obama, and Sununu totally disregarded the ideology of the Obama campaign and ran directly towards the race card.

When talking about someone who has so many ties to politics, like Powell, it is insulting to him that someone would say he is making a decision on who is going to be the leader of this country simply based on looks and race.

Powell is not a “low information,” undecided voter. Is it possible for a moderate republican to want to favor a Democrat who offers specifics on his goals and plans for the country rather than a guy who gives no specifics at all, pivots on every topic on national television and has no experience in foreign policy at all? I think so.

The Republican Party is trying to recruit more low information voters in Texas.

In Dallas billboards went up above Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue with a picture of the reverend himself. The billboard read: “Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican. VOTE REPUBLICAN.”

Thank you, Republicans, for bringing in a historical figure into a presidential election who has nothing to do with the 2012 presidential election at all.

What’s next, a billboard of Abraham Lincoln saying “Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, he freed you, VOTE REPUBLICAN.”

But the people of Dallas are smarter than that; please don’t insult them. Tell them what your party is about, give them the ideology of your party and let them make the decision of what party they identify to.

But the right is not the only side that has been playing the race card this election; the left has too.

“Clueless” star Stacey Dash and rapper Nicki Manaj have endorsed Romney and Paul Ryan, which left the media and fans asking them “Why are you voting for Romney? You’re black, don’t you want Obama to be president?”

Those are completely unfair questions, the question I would ask them is, “You’re a woman, why would you want guys like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to run the country?”

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