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Roynon brings ‘Trucks for Bucks’

Veronica Orozco
News Editor

Food truck mania hit Roynon Elementary School Saturday afternoon in an event dubbed Food Trucks for Tech Bucks.

Thirteen different food trucks and 50 different vendors filled the school’s playground in hopes of raising money to update the school’s technology.

“We got the idea from Damien High School’s food truck festival and wanted to see if we could do the same,” said Sean Grycel, Roynon’s principal.

Grycel’s plan was not to host a one-time event, but to start something that can be used to sustain and contribute to the growth of the school for years to come.

“Depending on how this goes, it may be a recurring thing for us to help and raise money for the school,” Grycel said.

“They are thinking of having another food truck event in the spring and if all goes well, then two per year,” Phil Escamilla, organizer of the festival, said.

Among the food trucks were taco trucks, ice cream trucks, burger trucks and a truck selling Greek food.

Vendors at the event also shared a wide variety of products.

They included a reptile petting zoo, costumes, jewelry, photo booths, t-shirts and furniture.

Some other activities that were available were face painting, carnival-like games, a make-your-own cupcake booth and karaoke.

“This is a good festival and what they are trying to do here is great,” said Amber Manzo, resident of La Verne.

Manzo’s daughter took part in a performance by the La Verne Community Cheer team at the event.

One attraction that did not fail to appeal to the youngsters was the Fun Zone.

It consisted of four different types of jumpers and was always filled with children.

Live music filled the air and chairs were set up in front of the stage to give parents a place to sit while watching their children at the Fun Zone nearby.

The school will receive 10 percent of the profits made by the food trucks and vendors and 50 percent of the profit made by admission and the Fun Zone.

The school will also get 100 percent of the donations made to the donations booth.

Students, parents and community members all showed up to enjoy with family and friends, and show their support.

Despite losing $300 from the fundraiser, the school still plans to hold another in the spring.

Next year the school plans on making a few modifications to the event to make it more successful.

Modifications include a different date so it will not have to compete with the Claremont Village Venture event on the same date as it did this year.

“It (Roynon) has always had a great atmosphere and I hope that never changes,” Renee Amoroso, resident of Pomona, said.

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