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Students seek change in Obama’s second term

Robert Penalber
News Editor

Upon President Barack Obama’s re-election on Nov. 6, several students at the University of La Verne have shared their approval of the results and have begun to focus on what they hope the next four years will bring for the country.

Twelve students participated in the informal survey that asked what issues they hope the president would concentrate on as well as which candidate each voted for.

Though the election revealed a divided nation, a majority of the students surveyed on campus felt that President Barack Obama was the right choice.

“I was rooting for Obama,” junior biology major Julian Velazquez said. “I hope with his past experience in office he will be able to pass more bills through congress to help school systems and shrink the deficit.”

When asked which issues were of importance during the next term, all of the students surveyed mentioned that they hoped President Obama would focus on education.

Ten students mentioned the economy as an issue, and nine students mentioned jobs. Other issues mentioned included foreign policy, healthcare and social issues.

“For me I think the most important is money, so creating more job opportunities because as a junior in college and graduating next year it worries me that I may not be able to find a job to pay off school,” junior movement and sports science major Nadine Miranda said.

Miranda, a commuter, also mentioned that she hoped gas prices would become much more stable.

“I hope that within the next four years with Obama as president, we’ll see an increase in funding for public schools, not only for student resources but for teacher resources as well,” junior psychology major Rebecca Kennedy said. “Also, I hope the war in Iraq will come to an end.”

Junior psychology major Mario Bautista was the only student to bring up another issue he hopes is addressed by the president.

“For me, one of the most important issues would be an immigration reform,” Bautista said. “If he retained the Latino vote it was because of this issue in specific and because there is hope that he will make a change.”

“Obviously we all want the economy to pick up and we want there to be more jobs available as well.”

Bautista also said that he hopes Obama would be able to create a better chance for recent graduates to find jobs that would pay off their school loans.

Several students that were not anticipating another four years with Obama still hope to see changes through his second term.

Senior psychology major Megan Martin supported Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

“The last four years have been financially the hardest on our family and the worst four years for our family’s small business,” Martin said.

“I hope jobs will be protected and people will be comfortable spending money because that’ll help our business grow again.”

Senior biology major Sandra Patlan was initially voting for neither Obama nor Romney.

“I would have voted for Jill Stein but she didn’t provide details on topics of my interest,” Patlan said. “I voted for Obama who was close to Stein in several social issues. I hope in the next four years more states will have legalized gay marriage.”

In addition to social issues, Patlan hopes that Obama will cut loopholes for the wealthy that pay fewer taxes and cut a portion of the national debt.

Despite any opposing views, La Verne students hope that the next term will see a reform to education and the economy among other issues.

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