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Guitar trio prefers to play with the ‘Blondes’

Erica Maurice
Staff Writer

Taking inspiration from the Marilyn Monroe movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” three gentlemen, The Cat, the Hag, and the Longstreet performed their show titled “Blondes Prefer Gentlemen” in Morgan Auditorium on Saturday.

The gentlemen were Roberto Catalano, a music professor at the University of La Verne; Sean Hagstorm; and Sean Longstreet, a graduate of the University of Redlands.

The three performers played their guitars, which they named the Blondes.

“I have always played with duos but trios are amazing,” said Catalano. “But it is also more challenging because you have to anticipate the other two guitarists.”

The trio played songs from Duke Ellington, Wes Mont­gomery, Kenny Burrell, Sonny Rollins and Charles Mingus, as well as original music by both Longstreet and Catalano.

“It was good but it did ride on quite a bit,” Andre Rocha, sophomore business major said. “I went to four concerts this weekend and that was by far the longest.”

The three musicians were into the music and the audience responses shared

The trio began the performance with “Little Wing” by Jimi Hendrix.

The song was beautifully played and introduced the audience to a night of guitar.

After the first hour the music started to sound the same and it seemed like they were just having a jam session on stage.

There was very little interaction between the musicians and audience members.

“No More Banana Shake Blues” was a fun song composed by Catalano. He wrote the song after his favorite shake shop closed down.

The song was very interesting to hear with knowing the story behind it.

In this performance the trio performed 19 songs. These songs were very beautifully played and smooth, but two hours of the same type of Jazz music made the performance feel long and drawn out.

“It was different,” sophomore English major Sarah Barthel, said. “It was not a Jazzy as I thought it was going to be.”

The three men are very good friends according to Catalano.

“I played with Longstreet at Redlands an I have played with Sean Hagstorm off and on,” said Catalano. “I’ve also had him play to my class here on campus.”

Longstreet is a director at Esplanade Center in Hemet.

“We went there to perform and he joined us in a song,” Catalano said.

The music that was played sort of sounded like it belonged in a Western movie.

Barthel said she really enjoyed the piece that sounded similar to the pink panther theme song.

“The best part was when they told the story before some of the songs so (the audience) knew some of the background,” Rocha said.

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