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ULV is a dry campus on paper only

Saying that the University of La Verne campus is dry is like parents telling their children that the Easter Bunny exists, yet everyone knows the truth. Alcohol is openly served at some faculty and alumni events on the ULV campus, yet the administration continues to label the campus as dry. This label is inconsistent with the current activities, policies and products available on the ULV campus.

Students living in the residence halls are still not allowed to have alcohol, even if they are of legal age.

The housing and residential life policy states: “Being in the presence of alcohol anywhere within or on grounds immediately adjacent to the on campus housing facilities is prohibited.”

Students are subject to sanctions if they are near the residence hall with alcohol.

If the Hanawalt House hosted an event that serves alcohol and a student drank there, that student could face disciplinary action.

On-campus catering company Bon Appétit employs students, some of who also live in campus housing. Since Bon Appétit recently was granted a liquor license, does this mean students serving alcohol for Bon Appétit could be punished for doing so?

“It is a gray area, and yes, under the housing policy students in those situations could see a punishment.” Juan Regalado, assistant dean of student affairs, said.

The University’s new alcohol policy seems hypocritical.

If alumni, faculty members and administrators can now enjoy drinks on campus, students who are of legal age should be allowed that same freedom.

While the University still stands firm about it being a dry campus, the ULV bookstore sells two small types of glasses called “collector glasses.” In any other situation they would be known as shot glasses.

This is a pretty mixed message from a school that claims to have a dry campus.

And that’s not all.

A pair of sunglasses is also available in the bookstore and at the end of the eyeglass arm, there is a bottle opener.

Although staff members at the bookstore claim that the people who buy these products are alumni, the reality is that anyone, even underage students, can walk into the bookstore and buy them.

The problem is not whether alcohol is being served on campus. The issue is that the University has created a policy that is vague and hypocritical.

Administration should make an effort to be clear with all people associated with the campus.

If ULV is to be a dry campus, then no one on campus should be allowed to consume alcohol.

If it is to be a dry campus, then alcohol paraphernalia should not be sold in the bookstore.

There should be nothing halfway.

It is a given that if the University allows legal-age students to drink alcohol, more responsibility will be expected by the students.

This would work.

Those of us who are of age feel we can balance our studies with recreation, including a little alcohol, responsibly.

The objective is not to give students the privilege to stock their mini-fridges with 100 bottles of whiskey or drink 40-ounce bottles of malt liquor in class.

The hope is to provide all on-campus students over 21 with equal liberty.

This is not a plea but a suggestion to open another chapter for the University, another experiment to allow this institution to express its true nature.

If handled correctly, this institution can trust legal-age students to make the right choices, while holding a diploma with one hand and a glass of wine with the other.

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