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Website still needs a makeover

With the school cranking out fliers and other propaganda promoting the University, one update that should not be put off is sprucing up the University of La Verne website.

Potential students who are considering La Verne visit the website as a reference and it is always the first impression one gets of the school.

In this case, the impression would first be a nice and clean website with any information you would ever need on admissions spelled out for students on the main page.

The website includes revolving pictures of accomplishments and services the University offers, not just academically, but socially as well.

The main page is attractive, but it is basically an electronic flier.

If anyone visits the site and select the “Prospective Students” tab, it will continue in the same format, but if you move your mouse over one tab — to “Current Students” — the page takes the student to a different version and format, much like a time machine to the website’s primitive stages.

If current students, or curious visitors, are looking for anything specific, it turns into a mission trying to find the information. The website’s background changes from a nice one that matches the main homepage to another one left over from a previous outdated version of the site.

This is not only tacky and unorganized, but is a bad representation of the University. While this website provides beneficial resources for any user, it works in a form of false advertising.

In the first layer, the University is represented in a modern fashion that paints a picture that matches the institution: green, clean and the clear message that it is always moving forward. However, if they click on other tabs and dive more into the website, they will outdated information and plenty of links that lead to 404 File Not Found pages.

The site makes it look like the school only does things halfway, leaving other things they consider unimportant behind. For a school that is so fixated on admissions and enrollment, one would think that this would be its main priority would be to improve this website but it seems that it is not the case.

It takes students an eternity to try and find a specific part of the website when they have questions about registration or something within their department. Information is often buried too many clicks away from a main page, and the site’s search function is hit-or-miss.

When users finally do find what they are looking for, it is buried deep in the website by numerous windows and looks like a different website all together.

The University does seem that it is starting to changes things with the launch of MyLaVerne Portal a year ago, a resource that collaborates MyLaVerne with Blackboard and student email. Despite this modern look, it requires students to click through a variety of extra windows.

If a student wanted to check their status—registration, financial aid, grades—it is still faster to check it by clicking on the “MyLaVerne” tab, instead of going through MyLaVerne Portal.

The website is an important marketing tool, which is why it needs to be attractive and functional from top to bottom. A little window dressing on the top level pages isn’t enough.

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