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Jones-Fosu leads students to ACTion

Erica Maurice
Staff Writer

The Associated Students of the University of La Verne hosted Justin Jones-Fosu who brought his interactive speaking skills to life through his inspirational lecture “Lead like an ACTion HERO.”

“The Foundation is to challenge people to act,” Jones-Fosu said.

Jones-Fosu calls himself an ACTion HERO and wants to inspire others to be one as well.

One can become an ACTion HERO by following his suggested steps.

“I think the way he balanced the information with the interactive part kept us engaged,” said Sandra Koury, senior English major. “He was a good motivator.”

Jones-Fosu said that there are four steps to being a good leader and they can be explained through the acronym HERO, which stands for humility, empowerment, relational and optimism.

“Its about the constant,” Justin-Fosu said.

He doesn’t want people to just apply these things now but months from now.

“The H.E.R.O. made it easy to remember and easy to follow,” said senior political science and economics major and ASULV president Ava Jahanvash.

According to Jones-Fosu, in order to be a good leader, one has to know when to lead and when they need to let someone else lead.

Leaders also need to know their members as individuals and think positively.

“Catch them doing something right,” Jones-Fosu said.

“Instead of spending ten minutes pointing out what they did wrong.”

Some thing one can use to accomplish this is a succession plan and ADKAR, which is awareness, desire, knowledge, ability, and reinforcement.

Many said that they are going to try to attempt to build a secession plan, which will help keep their organizations going for many years.

“Fight for what you care for,” Jonas-Fosu said.

“If you do not fight for your members, they will be less likely to fight for you.”

Koury thinks that humility is the most important.

“You need to be humble because leadership is not about us,” Jones-Fosu said.

Jahanvash said ASULV chose this topic because it could relate to so many La Verne students.

Jones-Fosu kept the crowd awake by inserting entertaining skits into the lecture where he danced and sang.

At one point he even brought a volunteer on stage to serenade to show the importance of effort.

At the end of the lecture Jones-Fosu had students stand up and share what they took away from the experience.

To be a good leader Jonas-Fosu said that it is important that we do not just follow the crowd.

“Don’t be just like anyone, be better than everyone, by being the only you,” Jones-Fosu said.

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