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Commentary: Greek good deeds go unnoticed

Veronica Orozco, LV Life Editor

Veronica Orozco, LV Life Editor

Being a part of any organization on campus comes with the responsibility of making sure it is well represented, but Greek organizations go through this most of all.

They get scrutinized for every little mistake that is made but never recognized for the efforts they take to help out.

People hear gossip about what one member did and generalize the entire Greek community for it, or they are only remembered for the parties they throw, but what is never mentioned is that the proceeds from that party go to charity.

I myself am in an organization, so I have seen both sides of this situation and have judged Greeks for their past and not noted them for anything else, much less for giving back.

Greek presence on the La Verne campus is noted more than any other campus because it is such a small school.

If looked closely at the ASULV and CAB roster, more than 75 percent of them are in a Greek organization.

If past pictures

of Orientation Week Leaders and Spotlight Leaders were looked at it would be obvious that a large fraction of them are Greek as well.

When looking at each organization individually, it is evident that they have raised money and awareness for their philanthropy every year, be it through a comedy show, a rock-a-thon or sitting on a teeter-totter for 24 hours.

One thing is for sure about their events, they are never boring.

Organizations have made a point to educate the community about different causes such as Autism, Alzheimer, Arthritis Research and Education and ALS may it be as a group with other organizations or amongst themselves.

Greek unity is promoted by having the six organizations trade their philanthropies in a challenge to see who promotes it best.

There have also been instances where all organizations band together to raise awareness for a common cause such as College Panhellenic Association’s breast cancer awareness event last fall.

Efforts have been made by all the six organizations on campus to help the La Verne community by joining other clubs, attaining leadership positions, or just taking part in school sponsored events like intramurals or Adopt-a-Spot.

A big attraction for the University is the unity it has and the fact that everyone involved on campus is so close and a big part of that is due to organizations.

It is time to shine a light on all of the things Greeks do for this campus because they make up such a big part of the La Verne experience.

Veronica Orozco, a sophomore journalism major, is LV Life editor for the Campus Times. She can be reached by email at

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