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Increase gym hours, please

The busy life of the average college student leaves little time for a student to get his or her daily physical workout to stay healthy. Many universities have on-campus gyms accessible for their students and faculty, which is a huge convenience.

The University of La Verne is one of those universities that has a gym ostensibly available to students, but in reality, it’s almost never open. Trying to guess when the La Verne workout facilities are open is like trying to guess how many M&M’s are in a bag, you are just never going to be right. It’s open for only a few inconvenient hours a day, and those hours seem to change frequently.

This has prompted sophomore computer science major Mumin Khan to begin an online petition to open La Verne’s cardio and weight rooms seven days a week for 24 hours a day. Khan realizes the 24/7 approach may be unrealistic,still we agree with Khan that the University should keep the workout facilities open for more convenient, consistent – and longer hours, please!

Aside from the obvious argument that access to cardio and weight rooms are good for student bodies and minds, Khan’s arguments are strong, beginning with the fact that for the tuition we pay, we should have ample access to a gym. Also, college students experience a lot of stress and many students would choose to relieve this stress by going to the gym.

Physical fitness is essential to a good life in general. Many students would like to avoid the freshman 15 or at least try to shed it the next year, but that can be difficult when you have to work your schedule around the gym’s inadequate schedule. Khan believes that if students have the ability to exercise more and become healthier they will become happier, and a happier students are more productive students. His online petition has been active for a week and has more than 40 signatures. He hopes to get at least 250 signatures. He made it electronic for easy access to anyone to sign. While we know 24/7 might be a stretch, it is great that a La Verne student is standing up and asking for support from peers.

To see or sign the petition, visit:

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