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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Strike down parts of the 1965 Voting Rights Act? This idea, unfortunately, is not amazing to me. With the unbelievably racist bile spewed by some members of our political right over the past four years, it’s all too predictable.

In the past two years 41 states have passed 180 laws to restrict voter registration; the president of the “land of the free” has been called an “ape,” a Half-rican,” and many other sick epithets; and one Supreme Court “justice” has called the Voting Rights Act a”perpetuation of Black entitlement.” When did the availability of voting become an entitlement? Maybe “Justice” Scalia should trade in his black robe for a white one with a hood.

The idea of striking down what many historians consider the most important piece of legislation passed in the fight for civil rights is unconscionable; what makes it even worse is that many people who are espousing this

What a travesty.

In the spirit of Medgar Evers, Peace.

Dan Kennan
Adjunct Professor of Sociology


Dear Editor,

I was surprised to see “Happy Days: The Musical” in Campus Times (“‘Happy Days’ takes audience back to the ‘50s,” March 1). I wondered if your reporter was aware that a La Verne student was in the “quaint cast” (to quote from the article). I played Laurie Beth, a supporting role, and mentioned La Verne in my bio in the program as a proud student and full scholarship recipient. Sad that the courtesy wasn’t returned by the Campus Times. However, I was mentioned in last semester’s article as Hope in “Urinetown.” The coverage on that show was very much appreciated by everyone involved.

Amy Bolton
Theater Arts Major

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