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Zipcars may ease parking chaos

In recent weeks students may have noticed the signs that read, “Zipcars live here,” covering several parking spots on C Street and Second Street.

Though some students may have been livid at the loss of a few precious parking spots, the signs are actually good, as it seems the University has come up with an additional solution to the parking situation that continues to plague the campus.

The University has partnered with Zipcars, a program that will allow all students, faculty and staff access to rental cars 24/7 on campus for a fee that covers insurance, gas and maintenance.

An annual membership fee is $35, but students are eligible for a promotional discount to $25 from now until May 31.

After joining, members can request a Zipcar rental on campus by paying a day fee or an hourly fee.

Though students may not see the benefits of the program just yet, there are some subtle solutions that the Zipcar service may help provide long term.

Residents on campus with no prior means of transportation can now rent an automobile, allowing them to handle errands without having to worry about car payments.

For commuters who already have their cars parked on campus and are unsure whether a Zipcar is worth the cost, a small scenario may be fitting: After finding the perfect parking spot and coming to realize that you may have forgotten something at home, you don’t want to give up that parking spot because within minutes of pulling out it will be taken.

It is at this point that the Zipcar becomes a viable solution to run small errands.

Even more, Zipcars are available to rent off campus for members as well, for those 21 and older.

According to Transportation and Parking Coordinator Lisa Grater, the service already seems to be popular among students, which may be indication that the service that launched at the beginning of this semester may be sticking around for a while.

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