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Campaigns should address issues

The elections for the Associated Students of University of La Verne were in full swing last week, as the candidates were campaigning and telling the student body their plans on how to improve our campus. Oh wait – That did not happen.

Instead of the nominees telling their peers what changes were going to be made if they were elected, students were met with “vote for me” statements with no platforms. While it is perfectly normal to campaign and try to get as many votes as you can, doing so without giving a platform is pointless and no one will take you seriously.

In the past, the elections have either had no competition or were a popularity game. This year the attempt to make elections more public was admirable but not successful. While the candidates should be responsible for their own campaigns, there should be some assistance from ASULV in the form of regulated social media or a short video exhibiting key points in the candidates platforms.

It is normal to have people lobbying for the candidates, but when the lobbying turns to harassment while students are walking to class or surfing their social media it makes everyone feel uncomfortable. One pair of candidates even had their sorority and fraternity members shouting at people to vote around campus. It is unacceptable and downright embarrassing.

When asked, students only named one set of candidates who shared even a small list of goals they had, the other set relied on vague posters. If the candidates are not going to take the whole thing seriously, why should the students?

The campaigns should be longer than one or two weeks, because despite what the candidates think not everyone knows who they are. By spreading their platform to different groups throughout campus, the student body will get to know and trust the candidates.

ASULV holds itself to a high standard, therefore the candidates and campaigns should be held to the same standard. Show the student body what changes you are going to make, answer the questions, and let us know why we should vote for you.

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