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Private concert is a treat: appreciate it

Editorial Cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff

Editorial Cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff

The fourth annual LaVernapalooza concert has finally been decided and B.o.B. will be performing for the Leos. However, not everyone is happy about the decision of this year’s performer.

Bobby Ray, better known by his stage name B.o.B., is a six-time grammy nominated rapper and songwriter. Best known for his collaboration on his song “Airplanes” with Hayley Williams, he has grown as a performer since his discovering in 2007. Despite his success and large fan base, some students at La Verne are still complaining about this choice.

The search took months before generating a list of possible performers to carry on the tradition. Never mind the time put into the actual generation of names, but the booking process and price agreement to get a performer to come to the La Verne area caused a lot of stress for our student leaders.

The first time LaVernapalooza was brought up this year it looked like country was going to be the theme genre. While handfuls of students complained, many gave names of singers they would like to see to help with the search and selection process. However, when the survey was sent out on Feb. 14 the names on the list were everything but country. Some names included Bruno Mars and Pitbull. Again, the list was met with complaints.

Then in March another email was sent out with completely different names for students to consider. “We heard your responses and we went after every single artist on our previous survey. Unfortunately, due to the Grammy’s and increased popularity in those artists, they were either out of our price range or booked!” Barbara Mulligan said in the email.

This time names included Fall Out Boy and this year’s performer B.o.B. The students did not disappoint with their usual response of jokes about being unable to get the orignal names mentioned and complaining that the genre of the different performers did not meet their personal taste.

Students of La Verne, it is time to put on your big girl panties and get over it. LaVernapalooza is a treat and spoils our student body with a well-known performer gracing us with a private concert. Regardless if the performer is our first, second or third choice the process is hard enough without smack talk over something that is a luxury.

It is also kind of upsetting that more students will voice their opinion over something that the campus could do without but will ignore any other news that talks about finances or student life. Sit back, wait for the tickets to be handed out and enjoy the concert. While other institutions do not even consult their students before booking performers, La Verne makes sure to get student input on who they would like to see. Next year, if students do not like the performers, they should feel free to apply for the position of LaVernapalooza chair, plan and pay the difference for the performer they want.

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