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Sex-travaganza teaches precaution

Candice Nuñez
Staff Writer

The Campus Activities Board informed students about practicing safe sex with an interesting spin in an event dubbed Sex-travaganza: Condom Casino Wednesday night in the Campus Center.

“We’re all in college and we all have sex, there’s no denying it so we all need to learn how to practice safe sex and be safe while we’re doing it,” sophomore CAB philanthropy chairwoman Catti Helper said.

As soon as students walked in to the Condom Casino, they were given morning after bags containing items such as deodorant, wipes, condoms, Tylion, chapstick and mouthwash. The walls were decorated with posters and signs stating facts and statistics about practicing safe sex.

Throughout the night love songs filled the air setting a romantic yet comical ambiance. Even the food and drinks had a romantic feel to them.

Chocolate covered strawberries, bananas, pineapples and cherries were served along with plastic champagne glasses filled with sparkling apple cider and orange juice.

Students sat at tables with casino games that each had its own twist tailored to teach sex education.

“I think this event is good because it lets students become more aware of personal things like sex, that maybe they don’t feel comfortable talking to their parents about,” freshman liberal studies major Alexis Zamora said.

One of the educational games students were able to play was Fact or Crap, where they could bet their casino chips on whether the fact that the dealer read was true or not.

Other games available were Texas Cond Om, a little twist on the game Texas Hold ‘Em, Down the River, Cheaters Never Win, Play It Safe and War also made a debut.

“I wanted to come to Cab event, Sex-travaganza, because there seemed to be a lot of hype behind it,” junior movement and sports science major Eric Dorado said. “And I also like playing poker with my friends so coming to this seemed like a lot of fun.”

“The event is very interesting,” senior biology major Heather Takelma said. “It’s such a unique idea.

“I learned how to play Texas Hold ‘Em while learning some interesting information,” she said.

After the night was over and the games were played, students were able to cash out their winnings in exchange for more condoms.

“I wanted everyone to have fun and learn something from this event even if they got a little bit of knowledge, the smallest thing is good,” Helper said. “But most importantly I wanted the students to learn how to practice safe sex.”

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