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Stop trashing the parking lots

Editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff

Editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff

During the day, all anyone will see in the parking lot is the blank, black pavement as they circle the lot hunting for a spot, little does the driver know that the vehicles are hiding a dirty little secret.

At night, when the sea of cars has subsided and only those that live on campus are left in the lot, it is obvious to see that something is wrong.

Parking spots are littered with garbage; cups, beer cans, paper bags and even used condoms line the parking spots.

The University has made an effort to ensure that there are trash cans within a close vicinity to parking lots, including several placed in the new lot behind Vista La Verne, but it seems the 15 foot walk from the car to the trash can is too far for most.

Out of all of the lots on campus it seems that the new lot is the most affected, but it is also ironic that it is the one with the most trash can accessibility.

When students complain about the cleanliness of the school and contests like Adopt-a-Spot have to be made in order to have some of this mess cleaned up, it only imposes more on the people willing to help the University grow and enables those leaving the trash to continue trashing the lot.

There seems to be nothing more the University can do short of holding the students’ hands and walking them to the trash can.

Ideas such as fines and tickets for littering seem like a good idea, but when mentioned to students, outrage and chaos ensues.

Students need to realize that La Verne is home to a lot of their peers and they are treating someone’s backyard like a dump. It’s fine if people want to trash their own homes but that is your pigsty, not La Verne’s.

The school’s image is directly affected by what is portrayed by the students, and if students show that they do not respect the school or care enough to keep their lots clean, then the university is ultimately a very expensive trash can.

Students, no one needs to know what was for lunch when a visitor pulls up to the spot that was just left vacant.

The tuition money everyone put forward paid for that parking lot and for those trash cans so please start using them.

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