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Lemon Festival is anything but sour

Veronica Orozco
LV Life Editor

Adults and children alike excitedly gathered to enjoy Uplands annual Lemon Festival this weekend.

The three day long celebration filled parking lots and residential areas surrounding the festival leaving people in cars circling for any spot they could find in a four-block radius.

“Every year its been getting a little better, they have more things for the kids and every year it improves a bit more,” Gina Alvarez, Ontario resident said.

Alvarez has attended the festival for several years now and was accompanied by her two-year-old daughter and husband.

“I think it is nice, it is very enjoyable, upland has this every year and I don’t know of any other city that has anything like this,” Alvarez said.

Hundreds of vendors lined up in the closed off streets selling things that ranged from hand made children’s clothes to spa days.

Variety surrounded those in attendance having fun attractions for children along with games and rides for teenagers and food and drinking for adults, but one thing that was enjoyable for all ages was the petting zoo.

“The kids like the deer the best the parents are the ones most excited for the pigs, especially the dads,” said Elizabeth Supthin, an attendant at The Great American Petting Zoo.

“We have goats, sheep, lamas, alpacas, pot bellied pigs,” Supthin said. “I would consider us as very diverse.”

“Its my first time walking through the festival, I would always walk by it and never really take part,” Doug Mallard, Upland resident said.

One booth that brought in a lot of curious eyes was the one of Gary Saderup.

His charcoal drawings attracted the yes of all passersby and had pieces with subjects that ranged from Jackie Robinson, Lucille Ball and Justin Bieber.

“When I pick who to draw next it is a culmination of what I want to do and what I like to do giving me a lot of variety,” said Saderup.

“The average is 4 or 5 weeks to finish a piece but can take up to two months.”

Saderup was just one of the many characters that helped set the upbeat and excited mood for the weekend’s events.

The festival was fairly large taking up several city blocks, which held their own themes such as rides and games, a western theme, an artistic theme and a corner with a stage that included dance performances and live music.

“It is a family atmosphere,” said Supthin.

“The people are nice and it’s a pleasant environment,” said Saderup.

Having a pie eating competition and a bakeoff was a given for this family friendly festival.

All in attendance seemed like they were having fun leaving no age group out of the loop.

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