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Broken oven raises tempers

Editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff

Editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff

A typical functioning kitchen for any restaurant consists of a counter, an oven, a food station and a refrigerator. The types of food available at the establishment usually revolve around what type of equipment they have to work with, but at Barbara’s Place this is not the case.

Although improvements have been made and amenities have been added such as the new ice cream chest, the basic amenities are still faulty.

After a fire last year, the oven that was being used to melt the cheese on the popular carne asada fries reverted to a kitchen decoration.

Who would have thought that putting a paper container in a hot oven would have lead to a fire?

The carne asada fries were such a hit the previous year, they were brought back for this year and the solution to the problem is that the cheese is now melted by the heat of the meat put on top of it.

Hopefully the student waits long enough to have the cheese melt.

This makeshift solution is good as a temporary fix; but the shift to oven-less cooking at Barbs appears to be permanent.

Using another type of container to melt the cheese on the fries could be a solution.

Even sticking it in the microwave for a minute or two would suffice but the good thing about this new method is that there will now be no more melted styrofoam to pick around in students’ lunch.

Those who wish to enjoy plain old cheese fries will just have to enjoy holding the shredded pieces of cheese onto their fries as they consume them or revert to the almost plastic-like alternative, nacho cheese sauce.

People usually get what they pay for but when prices are so inflated that two ice cream bars add up to $5, melted cheese should not be too much to ask for.

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