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Council appoints Ingels

La Verne’s search for a new city council member ended with former La Verne police chief Ron Ingels selected to finish out the term of Robert Rodriguez, who died July 6.

Chosen over 17 other candidates, Ingels will serve on the council until March 2018.

While traditionally council members are to run for election, La Verne City Hall decided to appoint rather than have elections since it would cost the city roughly $70,000.

Instead, the 18 candidates each made a four-minute presentation on their qualifications for the position and why they should be chosen to be on the city council.

Current council members, along with the mayor and mayor pro tem, nominated two candidates, Ingels and Tim Hepburn.

Then the council members voted unanimously – 4-0 for Ingles.

Ingels began his term on Aug. 26, the same day it was announced that he would be filling the position.

Karla Rendon

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