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Downtown restaurants have no taste for Yelp

Michael Saakyan
Staff Writer

Complaining about the service at a restaurant has become a lot more convenient since Yelp made its debut in 2004.

Customers not only ask to see a manager when they find the service at a restaurant deplorable, they go online and unleash their anger out through Yelp.

Founders Jeremy Stoppel­man and Russel Simmons created the local search website and added customer reviews in 2005. Since 2005, Yelp has received over $130 million in advertising from business places all over the United States, according to TechCrunch.

However the multimillion dollar company brings no interest to many business places in La Verne.

“I don’t participate in any type of social media or anything,” owner of Warehouse Pizza Kenny Schonfeld said. ”We’ve been here for 42 years, we don’t need to deal with that kind of stuff.”

Warehouse Pizza averages four stars out of five on Yelp and continues to bring in many positive reviews.

At some point, like all business places, it will come in contact with an unsatisfied customer.

Schonfeld says he has seen a few negative comments on Yelp about Warehouse Pizza but does not believe it to be accurate.

“We’ve had a really negative one on there and I know Roundtable wrote it,” Schonfeld said.

Schonfeld said other companies take advantage of Yelp by making up fake negative reviews in order to lower the score for their competitors.

The owner of Coffeeberry, Andy Guy, claims there may be a possibility that Yelp is involved in fake negative reviews.

Guy says he said Yelp might be able to control the reviews of some businesses that refuse to advertise with them.

“It is their site,” Guy said. “They can do whatever they want, but I’m not sure.”

Schonfeld refuses to advertise with Yelp as well and said good business should do the work for them.

“We have really high Yelp reviews,” said Schonfeld. “Yelp calls and says ‘We can help you with advertising,’ but we don’t advertise here, we just decide to do a good job.”

Yelp may not be a big hit with business owners near campus however students had mixed feelings.

“Whenever I’m with my sister we always look at Yelp,” sophomore biology major Andrea Capiral said. “We look at the ratings and see how much it is. With her we are not going to go anywhere unless she sees that it’s been rated on Yelp.”

Waitress and sophomore photography major Emily Bieker criticized the site as not the most reliable source.

“Customers mainly go on there to give you really bad reviews,” Bieker said. “It’s not the most trustworthy website.”

Junior biology major Jackie Batres said it is perhaps everyone has a different opinion on the matter of restaurant service and judging someone else’s opinion does not always prove accurate.

“I think we all have different tastes,” said Batres. “You can’t really base it on what people say.”

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In the story “Downtown restaurants have no taste for Yelp” in the Sept. 13 issue, the name of Warehouse Pizza owner Kenny Schonfeld was misspelled. The Campus Times regrets the error.

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