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Pappas Artisanal fires up the rotisserie in LV

Julian Burrell
Staff Writer

Pappas Artisanal is the newest restaurant on D Street in downtown La Verne. As the latest in the long line of restaurants in the area, Pappas is working to establish itself as the latest hot-spot for the hungry masses in the city by building up good faith among customers.

“My dad is actually the one who told us about the onion rings here,” customer Mike Mejia said. “They’re delicious.”

Pappas advertises itself as a wood-fired rotisserie sandwich and salad shop. They have promised to frequently change their menu in order to keep the dishes creative and the ingredients seasonal.

“We were just driving by and saw the banner and figured why not try something new for a change?” Claremont customer Tiffany Rodriguez said.

The unusual ingredients that Papas Artisanal uses in the dishes include items like chimichurri sauce for the meat and sandwiches with Moroccan vegetables.

All of these allow Pappas to separate itself from similar restaurants.

“The food here is definitely better than expected,” said Andrew Rodriguez , 38. “At first when I looked at the menu I wasn’t really too keen on some of the odd choices, but I took a chance and it was definitely worth it.”

The eatery is extremely open and features friendly employees that are always welcoming to customers and eager to make a good first impression.

“We’ve been treated really friendly since we first got here, which is always a plus,” Brusegard said.

Pappas also prides itself on being a unique choice for a sandwich shop.

In addition to its entrees and sides of salads and soups, the restaurant also boasts a number of beer taps and wines.

Also, a number of televisions display the football game of the week and few others sports channels for customers to enjoy while they are dining

“The $3 Pabst Blue Ribbon is what got my attention at first,” Mejia said.

“It’s nice to just come by and relax,” Claremont customer Ashley Brusegard said. We’re just watching’ the game and having a beer. What more could you want?”

“It’s just so different from everything that we expected and from anything that we’ve had before.”

“Having any beer served with our sandwiches is totally unique, but once you try it you understand that it just works for whatever reason,” employee Tiffany Rodriguez said.

That unique quality is what seems to have customers eager to return to the shop, hungry for more.

“We definitely plan on coming back here very soon,” Mejia said. “There’s still quite a few more food items that we’d like to try.”

Pappas Artisanal is located on the corner of Third Street and D Street.

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