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Please excuse my dear ant problem

The hot days in La Verne means it is ant season. Apparently it is ant season in the Vista La Verne Residence Halls as well. Ant infestations have been a problem for Vista La Verne residents since the school year started.

There are numerous accounts of ants raiding students’ bathrooms, closets and beds. Just go check the Vista La Verne Residence Halls’ front desk, they keep an ant log.

Senior housing employee Nick Gonzalez said during the first three weeks of school he would get as many as ten a week. If you have to keep a special ant log folder, you know you got a problem.

No one hears about the Oaks Residence Halls, Brandt Hall, or Stu-Han having any ant issues. Why wasn’t this issue taken care of before students started moving in?

Students have to put in work orders for rooms to be checked and sprayed. However, work orders are backed up. All university residents received an email stating that work orders were behind. So who knows if the maintenance requests for the ants will be satisfied? Talking with many residents whose rooms were sprayed, the ants returned days later.

Therefore, residents who are dealing with the business and budget of being a college student are inconvenienced to go out and purchase ant repellent in order to save ants from invading their snacks and clothing. Though those methods work it should not have to be that way in the first place. Students should use their money for books, school supplies and food, not Raid.

Maybe next summer housing will get the hint that this problem needs to be solved before students move in. Checking and spraying the rooms before students move in would help the dorms be ant free. It will also allow housing to fulfill more maintenance requests and turn the focus to other housing issues. Students do not pay over $3,800 a semester to sleep and shower next to ants.

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