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Fab 8 ‘comes together’ for Claremont Village

Liz Ortiz
Staff Writer

The Claremont Village Square was packed with cheering fans as the Fab 8, a Beatles tribute band, finished singing its rendition of “Hey Jude” last Friday night.

The concert was a part of the Claremont “Friday Nights Live” concert series, which features three different bands in three different areas of the Claremont Village every Friday night. The Fab 8 headlined and did not disappoint fans.

“The fact that there’s eight of them and they all harmonize together while they sing makes them fascinating and unique,” said Virginia Dominguez, Claremont resident and concert attendee.

Their following of fans were scattered throughout the crowd.

“Their energy and charisma brings life to the songs,” said Josie Silva, Claremont resident and concert attendee. “They are one of my favorite tribute bands.”

Over the last few months, the band has performed in Claremont four times. They love the Claremont audience’s energy so much, they keep requesting to come back and do more performances, said band member Hai Muradian.

The Fab 8 was created a few years ago by accident, said band member Chris Parry.

“It was Pat Naish’s birthday and we all had a mutual love of the Beatles,” Parry said.

“We ended up starting a jam session of Beatles’ classics at the party, and the entire party came inside to listen. We ended up playing ‘til one in the morning, and the rest is history, so to say.”

The Fab 8 consists of four guitarists, Parry, Naish, Muradian and Martie Echito, two bass players, Chris Maury and Dale Brookes, a keyboardist, Matt Schneider, and a percussionist Doug Brookes. All of the band members sing except for Brookes.

Although the eight members form the Beatles tribute band, they are still active in other bands.

Muradian said that within them, there are three separate bands that perform different types of music, but as a whole, their passion for the Beatles’ music is what brings them together.

Their passion for music is evident. The manner in which they played and harmonized gave the impression that the songs they covered were their own.

The band also made sure the audience was actively involved in their performance. In between songs, the band told jokes, asked questions and even announced the Dodgers’ game score.

Although the audience was lively, Muradian said that he wished there were more people in the crowd.

The desire for more audience members did not dishearten the band’s energy.

At the beginning of the show, they announced that they were only scheduled to play until 9 p.m., but they were willing to keep performing if the audience requested it.

The concert ended at about 9:30 p.m. and the band made its final acknowledgements.

Afterward, they wandered into the audience to talk to their fans, friends and families.

“Our goal is to connect with our audience and build friendships with them,” Parry said.

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