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Lieberman presents campus progress report

Alejandra Aguilar
Staff Writer

In her State of the University address for fall 2013 on Wednesday, University President Devorah Lieberman laid out the highlights and challenges for the current academic year.

Lieberman spoke before an audience of students, staff and faculty and also described La Verne’s growth trends for the past five years.

Since 2008, the number of undergraduate students has increased by 1,142.

The number of full-time faculty has increased by 34 and the school’s endowment has increased by $23.2 million, she said.

Lieberman’s plans for managing the growth of the campus are included in a 2020 strategic vision, a campus master plan and a comprehensive campaign. The three parts of the plan will be woven closely together, Lieberman said.

“I believe this vision I am laying out for you, is our vision,” Lieberman said.

The 2020 strategic vision also addresses changes in general education requirements, among many other changes.

It focuses on the reasons why students choose to attend and remain at the University.

The campus master plan is a physical infrastructure to support the 2020 strategic vision, and the comprehensive campaign will help them understand what they can and cannot fund, Lieberman said.

With an increase in endowments, the budget has also increased, Lieberman said.

The 2013-2014 operating budget, based on revenues, is $176.3 million.

The annual budget has increased 51 percent since 2008.

About 94 percent of the University’s revenue comes from tuition, while 5 percent comes from room and board.

“When I say we are tuition dependent, we really are,” Lieberman said.

Retention rates have fallen to 42 percent since 2008 and Lieberman said she is looking into the reasons behind it.

During the question and answer part of the address, Lieberman was asked more about the retention rates and about the University House.

She said her team is trying to figure out why the rates are dropping and how to manage the University House.

Wednesday event marked Lieberman’s fifth State of the University address since she started here

“As an administrator, I don’t get information every day so it is nice to have access to the information I received today,” said Lauren Lahn, administrative assistant for CAPA.

“With the 2020 vision plan in place, it gives us a good direction. All the departments have a good foundation to follow,” said Deborah Hughes, executive assistant to the vice president of finance-treasury.

“We have 11 campuses, one mission and one vision,” Lieberman said.

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