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Luncheon displays psychic visions and mime

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Hayley Hulin
Staff Writer

The Campus Activities Board hosted a circus luncheon at Davenport Hall on Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for Homecoming Week.

For the event in support of homecoming, CAB decorated Davenport with red, yellow and blue balloons attached to tables. At the patio door, the voting booth for king and queen accepted votes and gave away free yo-yos.

A mime dressed in a bowler hat, traditional stripes, suit with tails, and white face makeup was hired by CAB and walked around the dining hall interacting with students and staff.

He played pranks on students by taking away their food and passing it off to another person. The mime also mimicked people waiting for food and sitting at tables.

“We wanted something to reflect the circus theme,” Yvette Carrillo, junior political science major and co-chair for the event, said.

CAB also hired a psychic from Burbank, Dana Weiss, to read tarot cards and tell the students’ fortunes.

“We thought she fit the circus theme and a lot of students are interested in getting their future told,” Danielle Garcia, sophomore business major and CAB member, said.

Black fabric enclosed a tent set up in the President’s Dining Hall lobby for Weiss.

Inside, two chairs and table created an intimate setting for the five minute readings.

“I love reading cards,” Weiss said. “I think everyone has psychic abilities, but you have to be inquisitive.”

Students waited in line for about 15 minutes to have their futures revealed.

After finishing, many walked out of the tent with a smile on their faces, clearly excited by what their futures hold.

“She really tries to get a feel for you,” Ofelia Lopez, senior psychology major, said. “I felt comfortable and she was going about it the right way.”

Upon first entering the tent, Weiss had the person think about the last three months then pick a deck of tarot cards. As she read the person, she closed her eyes and twisted a black ring on her right index finger.

After Weiss picked up on what the student was thinking, she offered insight into their future of love, children, and career.

“When you are trying to book the vendor you need to find someone that fits in the budget,” Carrillo said.

Davenport had the usual lunch options with the exception of corndogs deemed as circus food.

“We thought it would be a good opportunity to bring the school together because everyone goes to Davenport,” Garcia said.

Also, the first 100 commuters ate for free, an offer which was taken advantage of.

“The thing is, you have to hurry to get free stuff,” Maria Sanchez, senior kinesiology major and commuter, said.

CAB originally planned to have the circus luncheon in Sneaky Park, but the weather called for a quick change.

“We didn’t want to make it uncomfortable for students,” Tyler Bertao, sophomore physics major and CAB member, said.

Members of CAB have weekly meetings to discuss events like the luncheon.

Co-chairs Natzhel Chavez, senior criminology major, and Yvette Carrillo worked hard in preparation for their event.

“I looked at what the performers did in the past, like the events that they’ve done before,” Carrillo said.

Other CAB members helped decorate Davenport by setting up the balloons, sound system, voting booth and psychic tent.

Many students enjoyed the event.

“I think they are really good ideas and go with the circus theme,” Dalma Arteaga, sophomore international business and language major, said.

“I think it went well and we got a lot of positive feedback,” Carrillo said. “People liked the mime even though some were scared of it and a lot of people got their fortune told.”

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