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New policy spills on dry campus

Editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff

Editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff

When people hear the word tailgate, two things comes to mind, food and alcohol. La Verne, a dry campus, has adopted the idea of tailgating after “months of hard work and intensive research,” according to a student email sent out by the University on Sept. 18.

This pilot tailgating policy specifically sets out what they are trying to do, “provide an additional venue of positive engagement and community support of the University’s Athletics Program.”

The policy was sent by email to the students along with a preamble and an idiot-proof diagram on how to tailgate. Alcohol is now permitted on campus at tailgates for those of age but they are cautioned to drink responsibly. If La Verne is trying to build a community with a moist campus approach, where the University is a dry campus but they allow alcohol for certain events, then La Verne should just become a wet campus. Adminstration is tip toeing around the issue.

La Verne calling itself a dry campus at this point is a joke. The evolution of it becoming a “semi-dry” campus was seen a mile away after rules began to be bent for presidential parties and now tailgates.

Although it is not difficult to get alcohol with places like Lordsburg Taphouse and House of Wings only a few steps off campus, it would still be nice, after a long day of classes and work, for a 21 year-old resident to be able to go back to his or her dorm room and enjoy a cold, refreshing beer, or shotgun one before an off campus themed party.

Can anyone say that we are truly a dry campus? The shot glasses sold in the bookstore, the alcohol served at presidential parties and the new tailgating policy all say, no, we are not dry.

It is easy to understand the safety side of this argument, if we become a wet campus then there would be higher risk of an accident or an altercation, but how would the University explain an accident or an altercation that occurs at one of these alcohol friendly events to the parents who were told that their child was going to a dry campus? Pick one or the other, there is no such thing as a moist campus.

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