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Pink ribbons gone wild

It is October and the color pink finds itself in almost every item in support for breast cancer awareness month, from wearing pink ribbons, to participating in walks. Unfortunately, breast cancer awareness month has become more than a month to educate women or donate to research – it has become a money making machine for organizations, and for any person to disrespect women.

Organizations like Keep A Breast, best known for their “I love boobies!” bracelets, are an example of breast cancer awareness gone wrong and as a result, objectifying women. According to the Keep A Breast website, “I love boobies! has successfully initiated a dialogue among young people about breast cancer.” But with this slogan, Keep A Breast communicates that the only reason why breast cancer research is important is to save breasts. These bracelets are putting too much value on saving women’s breasts instead of saving lives. Earlier this year, Angelina Jolie proved that women are defined by more than their breasts by undergoing a preventive double mastectomy. In addition, the “I love boobies!” slogan does nothing to directly promote breast cancer awareness. Any 12-year-old boy can pass by, see the bracelet and smirk at the word “boobies” without knowing, or caring about the cause behind it.

Breast cancer awareness causes have also been taking advantage of women. YouTube channel Simple Pickup, donated $20 for every woman who allowed one of the three participating men to motorboat them. At the end, over 104 women were motorboated.

Breast Cancer Awareness month should be refocused back to saving lives. Funding for breast cancer should be respectful and dignified enough for the brave women fighting for their lives. As a result, Breast Cancer Research foundation announced this week that they would reject Simple Pickups’ $7,000 donation.

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