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Shuttle lot should be a choice

Vista residents are awaiting the dreaded email to let them know what day they have to begin parking in the off-campus shuttle lot, anticipated for some time this month after all of the renovations are done to that lot, thus beginning another chapter in the ULV parking rigmarole

Before the off-campus shuttle lot existed, students were in an uproar over parking and it did not help that the University decided to gradually raise the price of parking passes to $90 – they were only $30 two years ago. The shuttle lot was supposed to be the solution.

Many students felt frustrated by the new pass and felt forced to buy it, but then the shuttle lot was born, and students who did not want to pay $90 for a parking spot got to park for free. It gave commuters and faculty, who would spend a lot of time looking for spots on campus, a quick alternative to get to class on time.

The University gave us a little slice of freedom, or just something free. There finally seemed to be peace in the realm of University parking. But the peace did not last.

Now the University plans on making the free parking lot home for the Vista residents’ cars, in an attempt to force all students to pay for the $90 parking pass leaving the commuters, residents and faculty to fight it out for the select spots on and off campus, just like the good old days. The University made the Vista announcement last semester. The decision did not sit well with residents, commuters or faculty. Students and faculty park off campus by choice, not because they are forced to.

It is too late to make a change, we are in the middle of a semester, if administrators want to change something like this they should do it at the beginning of a semester.

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