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Unexpected treasures entertain at Art Walk

Veronica Orozco
Metro Editor

Lights that wrapped around replicas of cast iron streetlights and hung off of trees illuminated the night as music and laughter filled the air at Saturday’s Pomona Art Walk.

Shoes to Fill, a jazz band that has played at the Art Walk for two years, performed old jazz band, blues and swing covers.

“It’s a very nice, laid back atmosphere and everyone is very friendly,” said Michael Calderon, a member of the band. “I think it’s good for the community; it gives people a chance to interact and socialize.”

There was a variety of vendors, who sold everything from homemade jewelry and trinkets to popcorn and funnel cakes.

Though the music and vendors are a big part of the night, the main draw in and reason for the walk is the art.

Since the Arts Colony is filled with diverse types of galleries, it is easy for all kinds of people to find things that fit their tastes, however unconventional they may be.

An example of one of the diversities is Ink’d Chronicles, a small tattoo parlor doubling as an art gallery on the main strip of the walk.

“I collect art and most of the art that I bought for my art is local. I try to buy art that speaks to me and I find that here,” said Cary Loewenstein, a Pomona resident who was enjoying the walk with her dog Heruko.

“I enjoy being out in the evenings and walking the neighborhood, and when they have the trolley, we love to take it together,” she said.

Another hidden treasure tucked into the hustle and bustle of the arts colony is a small furniture store, Futures Collide.

To the unknowing eye, the store is a compilation of weird couches and chairs from different time periods, walls filled with oddities like big wooden clown heads, a 7-foot wooden cutout of an Oscars trophy and lamps from all ages giving the store a look back in time.

Lights and signs hung from the ceiling which created an organized chaos that lead a pathway past the restored furniture, to a small gallery along the back wall.

On the wall was an exhibit called “The Foot-High Band,” which has been on display for the past two weeks.

“We support local artists along with artists from L.A., and we change the gallery every month,” said Victor Ortega, owner of Futures Collide.

The art resembled a colorful, but abstract comic strip, and although people are unable to tell what it is, the ambiguity draws in the eye and leaves the mind to wander.

“People enjoyed it and we have sold four of these pieces already,” Ortega said.

Art at the walk can be enjoyed in all places, may it be in the form of a conventional gallery, a tattoo parlor or a building sized mural painted on a side of a wall.

The Art Walk is held every second and last Saturday of the month.

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