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Adjunct union deserves support

University adjunct faculty members have recently filed for unionization with the National Labor Relations Board, looking toward improved pay, job security, access to benefits and more.

Currently 60 percent of the classes on the main campus are taught by adjuncts.

Students should take this number into consideration and stand behind our adjuncts in unionization.

Most adjuncts at the University are paid just less than $3,000 for each course they teach. Even with a full-time load of three classes per semester, given the amount of time required for class prep, they make less than minimum wage. The extremely low pay forces some of the instructors teach at other universities or take other part-time jobs to make ends meet. With multiple classes comes various lesson plans, designing the courses, preparing and giving daily lectures, masses of students to deal with – work loads larger than many full-time faculty, at a fraction of the pay.

Some adjuncts do not even know what classes they are going to teach for the semester until right before.

This lack of security makes their job extremely difficult. As a result, adjunct turnover is high.

The reason that adjuncts teach a good majority of the classes here is that adjuncts are cheaper.

The University should not be run as a business that is more concerned with the bottom line than with delivering a quality education.

Would it not make sense to give adjuncts the treatment and pay they deserve since such a large percentage of classes are taught by them?

If administrators are so concerned about how we will be impacted, they should remember the University’s core values and mission of providing us with a high-quality education. Students united have strong voice. In this movement we should support our adjuncts in unionizing, or whatever will improve their working and living conditions. That’s what’s best for all of us.

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1 Response to " Adjunct union deserves support "

  1. Hal Assael says:

    There are so many different opinions on whether we should or shouldn’t unionize. I have been teaching at ULV going on 8 years. I am so sorry I didn’t start sooner. Everything about this great school excites me in such positive ways. Some are complaining about money, benefits, and what other universities have to offer. Some complain how the grass is greener elsewhere, but really sometimes it’s not. I am very happy where I am and only wish I could teach more classes. I am satisfied with what I am paid and extremely happy I have this opportunity to teach at ULV and most importantly I am happy to have a job.

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