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KFC special: Disgusting as usual

Body image has always been a big issue when it comes to women in the media. Whether they are models in the spotlight for their appearance – or politicians in the spotlight because of their savvy words and intellect – they can’t seem to escape scrutiny and objectification.

Even Hillary Clinton, perhaps the most politically powerfully women in the nation, is still subject to this kind of sexism.

And although presidential campaigns are usually dripping with derogatory slurs and offensive comments, such nastiness tends to happen closer to elections.

This time GOP might have hit a new low – launching a disgusting assault on the former secretary of state three years too early.

At a state conference hosted by the California GOP last week, offensive buttons were given out outside of the VIP area, which attendees gladly wore.

The button read: “KFC Hillary Special too fat thighs, two small breasts… left wing.”

San Francisco Chronicle reporter Carla Marinucci tweeted the photo of these buttons, and shortly after they were removed from the conference, but the damage was already done.

To make matters worse you can now buy these buttons and bumper stickers online at, and one KFC is reportedly featuring them at its store.

These buttons are not just rude, they are disgusting, sexist and stupid.

The job of a politician is already stressful and the work load is significant enough.

Americans vote for them, or should, for their work ethic, their positions on important issues, their record as lawmakers and their values.

The California GOP is using the lowest form of diminution of their most threatening potential 2016 presidential rival at a time when Americans are ready for a presidential race that focuses on policy and vision, versus venom.

If the sickening KFC button is all the GOP’s got on Hillary, they do have something to worry about in 2016.

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