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Registration equality for all

The semester is coming to an end and along with it comes the beginning of the chaotic class registration process. This semester upper classmen and lower classmen alike are feeling the pains of the overcrowded, over populated, small-classroom-space campus. But not everyone is feeling the pain.

Honors students, Associated Students of University of La Verne and Campus Activities Board all got to wake up bright and early on the first day of registration and waltz right into their classes.

It did not matter what class standing they were, it did not matter how many units they had taken.

This select group of students obviously did something significant to receive this luxury.

Honors students awed the University by achieving great academic accolades in high school. But once they are in the honors program they should have to continue to receive outstanding grades, B’s or higher, at least. The standard for them should be higher than taking certain courses and attending on campus events. If they do not maintain a high GPA, they should be kicked out of the program and stripped of the privilege of early registration.

It would also be nice if there were a way to get into this program for the hard working students who maybe did not achieve the same academic success in high school, but have excelled at ULV.

ASULV and CAB provide a great service to the campus, but so do many other groups on campus. Debate, LeoFM, work-study students, and many more clubs and groups on campus contribute to the University to make it what it is. Professors have had to turn away juniors and seniors on the second day of registration. Many students are trying to graduate within the next two semesters, but are failing to get classes because they have filled up with underclassmen who get a privilege that many of us wish we had.

This issue is a consequence of over-crowding at the University, and administration seems to want to bring in even more students. So if nothing is being done about the over-crowding, can something be done about the unfair registration system? Students who have paid their tuition and have worked hard to become seniors and campus leaders should be rewarded just like honor students, CAB and ASULV members. Just because a second semester freshman may have helped put on a couple of events, that does not make him or her more deserving of priority registration than someone who has racked up more than 100 units and paid four years worth of tuition.

There is a large population of students who work hard to get a good registration date. A registration schedule based on units completed and class standing would be ideal in a system that has already lied about small class sizes.

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4 Responses to " Registration equality for all "

  1. Anthony Reyes says:

    Another article of the Campus Times that bashes ASULV. They have obviously not done their research with any of the programs they criticize for having priority registration.

    If the editors are demanding equality, why not go as far as implementing a system in which every student is entered into a drawing to determine their registration date, is held to the same academic standards of honor students with those having less than a 3.0 be kicked out, organize and run events, and work on campus improvements? As a president of a club, an active member of others, and a Senator of ASULV, I have the privilege of serving our institution in many ways. Still, my position as Senator is perhaps the most impacting as it allows me to represent the Students at a level that shows positive results. Priority registration allows me to plan my classes around my services to the Students and as a result I am, from the beginning of every semester, limited in the times I can take classes (didn’t see that published.)

    I want to take advantage of every opportunity that allows me to give the often underrepresented Students a voice in any way I can. It’s disheartening to see time and time again Senators criticized for our services. It’d be nice to see Campus Times report on the long (and unpaid) hours we dedicate to ULV.

    A message to the editor: Spend a week with an Honor Student, Cabbie, or Senator before publishing a bitterly-biased and poorly researched article. You’re in the journalism department for crying out loud–start writing like a journalist and not a propagandist.

    • anonymous says:

      By definition, an editorial is “a newspaper article written by or on behalf of an editor that gives an OPINION on a topical issue.” This is not a regular story piece where a journalist would try to get both sides of the story. Are you discrediting the hard work of full time student workers, Campus Times staff writers and editors who are also unpaid? Every single student has a busy schedule, I am sure students who work full time and go to school full time would benefit from early registration. How about students who have take care of families, younger siblings and are the head of their household? Also, several honors students agree that the current standards in which the honors program are holding its members are unfair. As I see in the link below, I am glad the program is taking a step forward in increasing their standards. In addition, the Campus Times constantly covers the majority of CAB and ASULV events on a weekly basis. Thanks for your service to La Verne, I am sure students you have helped are thankful for your assistance, but do not discredit the Campus Times for also giving under representative students a voice when they feel ASULV is not listening to them.

  2. anonymous says:

    On the current requirements of students to continue in the Honors program:

  3. Anonymous says:

    “It would also be nice if there were a way to get into this program for the hard working students who maybe did not achieve the same academic success in high school, but have excelled at ULV.”

    It only takes a 3.3 to join the honors program. There is the opportunity to join even if you did not excel in high school! All this info is available on the website and is easy to find and access! That way there can be registration equality for all (who work to achieve it).

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