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Support women: Give us tampons

With the student population in La Verne growing, so is the need for basic necessities. We are given free shirts on a weekly basis but things we really truly need are held back, like tampons.

The University should be in tune with the needs of all of their students and with women students making up well over half the total student population, such feminine products in restrooms should be a no-brainer, as they are in women’s restrooms, malls, hospitals, as well as other college campuses.

It is a woman’s worst nightmare to have her period slip her mind and one day. She leaves home unprepared only to find herself in the predicament of asking around in hopes of finding a tampons from a friend, co-worker or complete strangers.

It is a great development the Campus Center has a women’s nursing room for mothers to feed their children – but the number of women of college age who getting their period far exceeds the amount of women bringing their infants to school.

The products do not have to be free, they just have to be available. A vending machine would do the trick. (Another revenue source for the University, perhaps?)

But the school first has to be willing to spend the money on the shiny metal boxes that hold pads and tampons, and then has to be willing to install them in at least one restroom in each main building on campus.

In the past this problem was addressed and this product was facilitated for women in most restrooms free of charge.

But apparently due to budget belt tightening many years ago, the tampons were removed. When the University got back in the black, the tampon supply along with other budget items, was never restored.

As if La Verne women stopped having their period, because the University budget could not afford for them to.

It is interesting to see a tuition increase every year and still hear that “due to budget cuts” much has been taken away.

We’re not asking for frivolous things like a movie night once a month or free food for the first 50 commuters. This is something that is necessary for all women no matter race, ethnicity or socio-economic status, living on or off campus.

This necessity is something seen as embarrassing to ask for – perhaps the reason we’ve gone without for so many years – but is one of the most basic and regular necessities.

It is nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to be scared to ask for from a school you are paying more than $35,000 to attend.

Everyone by the age of 18 knows that women, even Leopards, bleed more than orange and green.

And we all know that in a pinch, a walk to Circle K or Stater Bros. is dangerous during an emergency: Something could happen before they make it to the store.

Instead of a convenience store, the University should make the campus convenient for women.

The University is focused on recruiting as many students as possible, sending staff overseas in hopes of building on our international recognition and expanding the student body to include more international students.

The University’s mission has much to do with diversity. Administrations, admissions officers and whomever allocates funding for projects here should realize that even women in Europe, Latin America and Asia menstruate. Tampon machines really will support the University’s 2020 Vision.

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