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Baggish to help job seekers

Mindy Baggish is the new assistant dean of student career support and employer relations. / photo by Keenan Gilson

Mindy Baggish is the new assistant dean of student career support and employer relations. / photo by Keenan Gilson

Alejandra Aguilar
Staff Writer

Mindy Baggish, new assistant dean of student career support and employer relations at the University of La Verne, plans to pave the way for students seeking employment.

Baggish’s Bachelor of Arts degree in English, Juris Doctorate and experience at previous schools made her a candidate for the new position that was created for the 2020 Strategic Vision Plan, a plan that set to heighten the school’s reputation.

Baggish attended Vassar College in New York and earned her law degree from Case Western University. Once she graduated, she moved to California to practice law, but eventually left the law firm to work for the Anti-Violence Project, a non-profit advocacy group for hate crime victims.

“At the time, it was a very hot topic,” Baggish said.

“There were a bit of anti-gay crimes going on and I was outraged by it, so I decided it was time to get involved.”

She was in charge of the group’s fundraising, and once it was running left for private practice, becoming a recruiter for lawyers.

Baggish helped lawyers who were unhappy with what they were doing by transitioning them either to a different work environment, or a different profession.

“That is what got me interested in career services,” Baggish said.“The part I liked most about my job was counseling people who were unhappy, because it was really rewarding to help them find something that made them happier.”

Recruiting led her to join the UC Davis School of Law for ten years, where she was the director of career services.

She also held a position at Cal Poly Pomona as director of corporate and foundations relations for two years.

Baggish decided to join the University because she missed being with students and student affairs.

“Student affairs are a very different part of the academic setting,” Baggish said. “Everyone is devoted to servicing the students, so all the people who work within student affairs genuinely care about the students.”

Monika Moore, executive director of alumni relations, was part of the panel of people who decided Baggish was the most suitable person for the job. She said they were looking for someone with a lot of experience who met the La Verne culture.

“Mindy had the energy and personality that we thought would make her a good fit for La Verne, and she was willing to work closely with the students,” Moore said.

The new position’s overall goal is to create relationships and connections so employers know more about the students and open their doors for career opportunities.

“One of our emphases is to increase efforts with employer relations, because that will increase jobs for students,” Loretta Rahmani, dean of student affairs, said. “By bringing in Mindy, we are enhancing the quality of services we are providing.”

Baggish wants students to know there are people who are devoted to students making the most out of their educational experience and they also offer assistance with internships.

“If you have not yet been to this office, you need to come,” Baggish said.

“We are a resource that is available, and we really want to talk to you about what you want to do when you get out. We’re nice people.”

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An earlier version of “Baggish to help job seekers” (Feb. 14) incorrectly stated the mission of the Anti-Violence Project. It is a non-profit group supporting the victims of hate crimes. The Campus Times regrets the error.

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