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NLRB denies ULV appeal over adjunct union vote

Mariela Patron
Editor in Chief

Kristina Bugante
News Editor

The National Labor Rela­tions Board announced Wed­nesday it denied the Univer­sity’s latest appeal to include regional campus adjuncts in the ongoing push to unionize adjunct faculty.

The University filed this second appeal in January after its first appeal in November was denied.

“We are disappointed that our inclusive approach has been rejected, “ Interim Provost Jonathan Reed said in an emailed statement.

“However, this decision should pave the way for the ballots, which have been cast and returned to the NLRB Regional Office, to be promptly opened and counted,” he said.

Two weeks ago, the Services Employees International Union filed a lawsuit against the University citing five unfair labor practice charges the suit claims are designed to thwart ULV adjunct faculty’s unionization efforts.

The SEIU will have the ballots impounded until the unfair labor practice charges have been investigated.

“As long as the vote count was going to be postponed, I think it makes sense to have the NLRB have a look at the lines of illegal activity,” said John Norvell, adjunct professor of sociology and anthropology, and a supporter of unionization.

The main campus adjunct faculty filed for unionization with the NLRB on Oct. 28.

The adjuncts had between Feb. 1 and Feb. 14 to vote on unionization, which supporters believe would improve job security and overall working conditions.

The University announced that the vote was postponed indefinitely on Feb. 17, a day before the union election results were to be announced.

The vote is only applicable to adjuncts on the main campus because they are the ones who filed for unionization, said Fatima Suarez, adjunct professor of sociology.

“If adjuncts at the regional campuses want to form a union, we would gladly support them in their efforts to unionize,” she said.

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