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Recruitment rules are ridiculous

It is that time of year on campus – that time when men and women are wearing those lovely sweaters and jackets with the sown on letters representing their sorority or fraternity. The sorority and frat talk is even more predominate, with posters and giant letters around campus, trying to draw others in to join.

Their goal is simple­ – to get others involved and into their own group so you can never leave and find others to join.

It is one thing to have these recruiting outings, but some of the rules during this recruiting time are just outlandish. The main rule that is the most ridiculous is the no talking to possible new recruits rule. What happens if you are roommates with a possible recruit– are you supposed to sit in silence in the room or avoid contact with them? What if one of the possible recruits is your class partner and you have to be in contact with them?

The punishment for being caught talking to a possible recruit could be a heavy fine for a so-called recruitment infraction. That seems more cult like than sorority like. There is more to talk about with a possible recruit than just sorority stuff, and shockingly there is more to life than wearing Greek letters. Not everyone in a sorority or fraternity eats, breathes and lives all things Greek.

We should be able to speak to whomever we please whenever we please even when being recruited.

Some try to compare this rule to college coaches not being able to talk to possible recruits, but there are some major differences. The main difference being that future college players are not paying to be apart of the team. Also, future college athletes are being recruited based on talent and their natural athletic ability. Almost anyone can join a fraternity or sorority here on campus.

Simply put, the rule of silence is pretty much pointless because we have freedom of speech and it adds a heavy burden of annoyance for everyone on campus.

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