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Student poll compares D Street restaurants

Hayley Hulin
Staff Writer

During an informal survey, students were asked whether they prefer House of Wings or Lordsburg Taphouse – both popular restaurants in downtown La Verne.

Among the surveyed group of 15 students nine preferred House of Wings while six favored Lordsburg.

Many preferred the price and environment at House of Wings while others liked the service and food at Lordsburg.

“I prefer Lordsburg,” said Candace Toogood, senior environmental biology major. “I’ve gone there at nighttime and they have a different event every night like karaoke and trivia.

Their servers are super nice and they are on top of their stuff. House of Wings’ setup is cooler, but Lordsburg’s food looks and tastes better.”

Other students agreed that Lordsburg’s food is better and that they have great service

“The tacos on Taco Tuesday are amazing, and they have this deal where you buy a drink that has tequila in it and you get a free taco,” said Elizabeth Alvarado, senior business administration major.

“It’s really amazing, and they aren’t the crunchy tacos, but the actual Mexican tacos with corn tortillas, carne asada, carnitas, chicken. It’s really good,” she said.

“I feel like their waiters and the staff in general is a lot friendlier,” said Michelle Bedolla, senior sociology major.

“The workers at House of Wings don’t really give you enough time. Their customer service is kind of bad.”

For students of drinking age, Lordsburg is the place to go for drinks and happy hour.

According to those surveyed, Lordsburg has better happy hour times than House of Wings and theme nights like karaoke and trivia make the experience enjoyable.

Underage students like House of Wings and flock there for the atmosphere and wings.

“I just like their hot wings most of all,” said Armando Anchondo, sophomore biology major. “It’s a little pricey, but I would say if you’re on a budget just take $10 with you.”

Among those surveyed, preferences for types of wings varied.

Some said their favorites were the buffalo wings, others like the lemon pepper wings and those who dislike spicy food choose the mild boneless wings.

“It’s more comfortable, homely and convenient,” said Rocky Bragg, senior English major. “I just like the atmosphere when I go in there.”

“I like the atmosphere, the wings and it’s more popular among our community,” said Ashley Griffin, sophomore psychology major.

“People gravitate toward it because everyone else wants to go there. More people go to House of Wings, so naturally I go to House of Wings,” she said.

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