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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I am absolutely disgusted with the latest GOP vote to restrict benefits to veterans. This is another part of an ongoing attack on veterans by people who claim the “patriotic” high ground and who profess to be concerned for human rights and dignity. It is beyond comprehension that people can vote to send soldiers to war (none of their own family, of course), and then vote to limit benefits to them after they do their service. As a veteran myself, I strongly condemn these hypocrites and their lack of decency.

We need as a nation to take a serious look at the people we elect to represent us and ensure that they are interested in treating all people with dignity, not just the upper 1 percent. I’m not tired of feeding homeless veterans; I’m tired of having to feed homeless veterans, because one part of our government refuses to treat them with respect.

Dan Kennan
Adjunct Professor of Sociology

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1 Response to " Letter to the Editor "

  1. dave dowling says:


    We have no more money to fund such things. We are 23 trillion in debt. At some point we new we would run out of money.

    Welcome to the real world my 1960’s hippie. It time to pay the bills.

    How is the unionizing project coming along on campus. Union sounds great except when it cuts into to your pay check .

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