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WEB tower moved

Kat Simonelli
Metro Editor

Though the Blue Light project has been an overall success, Capital Planning had to remove the WEB tower in front of Dailey Theatre on Feb. 28 after receiving multiple complaints.

The tower was supposed to be in front of the Johnson Family Plaza. After the contractor who installed the tower found there was a sewer line running underneath that area, he decided to move it to the location in front of Dailey Theatre.

“When you go to install, sometimes you can’t install in the place you had intended,” said Chip West, assistant vice president of facilities and space management.

“When we went to install, the place we had initially specified around the Johnson Family Plaza wasn’t available because there were other lines around the area that couldn’t handle it.”

Once the tower was placed in the wrong area, emails filing complaints came pouring in.

“I got a lot of emails saying that it wasn’t a good location, and it was too close to the sculptures,” West said.

“After doing some digging, it wasn’t actually supposed to go in that area, so we then had to pull it out, and we’ll redeploy it to where it’s supposed to go.”

The tower will be reinstalled, but the area in which it will be placed will not interfere with the aesthetics of the sculpture garden or any other art work on campus, West said.

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