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AmazonFresh makes grocery shopping easy

Liz Ortiz
Staff Writer

People now have another way to buy groceries in the comfort of their own home in some parts of California, thanks to Amazon’s online grocery service AmazonFresh.

The company guarantees the consumer that if an order is placed by 10 a.m., the groceries will be delivered the same day.

Amazon also allows consumers to select whether fruits and vegetables are delivered ripe or unripe.

“It amazes me that technology has advanced so much that you can buy your groceries online, but it’s ridiculous for Amazon to make you pay an annual fee for their services,” said San Dimas resident Sylvia Miller.

AmazonFresh begins with a free 30-day trial, but once the trial is over the consumer is charged $300 annually for membership plus the additional cost of the groceries and delivery.

In an informal survey for which customers at La Verne’s Vons and Stater Bros. stores were asked if they would shop on AmazonFresh for grocery items, 21 out of the 30 surveyed said they would not want to buy grocery products from the website.

Students at the University of La Verne were also surveyed and 16 out of the 20 surveyed agreed with the grocery store consumers and said they would not purchase their groceries from AmazonFresh.

“The concept sounds great, but the biggest concern I have is buying produce from a website,” Stater Bros. consumer and La Verne resident Irene Cabrera.

“It bothers me that I wouldn’t be able to personally select the fruits and vegetables I purchase.”

This seemed to be the main argument for the majority of those who did not want to purchase from AmazonFresh.

They prefer the in-store shopping experience because it allows them to specifically choose what items they purchase and allows them to know the exact condition of their perishable items before getting them.

An AmazonFresh user addressed this concern in her review where she said that the website gives you the ability to choose between ripe or unripe fruits and vegetables. But when her tomatoes arrived, they were too ripe for her liking.

She admitted that if the consumer is picky about the quality of their food, then in-store grocery shopping is the better option.

The annual fee was the other major concern of the grocery store shoppers.

“I like the concept, but the annual fees are too pricey, especially because I don’t go grocery shopping very often,” junior business major George Caurenta said.

They believed the $300 price tag was an unnecessary addition considering that they have to pay for the groceries and delivery.

They said they would rather continue the traditional style of grocery shopping.

On the contrary, several consumers said they would utilize AmazonFresh.

“My wife and I still work and we’re exhausted by the time we get home,” Stater Bros. consumer and La Verne resident Jesse Cabrera said.

“It would be more convenient for our groceries to be delivered to our doorstep rather than having to go to the store.”

The shoppers and students who said they would use AmazonFresh agreed with Cabrera.

They said that grocery shopping takes too much time and can be a burden to fit into their schedules.

They would rather be able to select their food online and have the comfort of knowing that it will be delivered to their home.

An AmazonFresh user agreed with this concept in his review and said that if time is money, then the $300 annual fee is a reasonable price to pay.

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